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A Guide for Secure Spend Prepaid Mastercard Activation: Securespend Card allows users to make remotely affordable purchases by using their savings account. It offers a range of benefits, from free checking to income protection. This SecureSpend Gift Card is perfect for people with varying degrees of savings in a bank account and a credit history in order to show they can manage their money responsibly in the past. In this post, we will have a look at how we can activate SecureSpend card via in easy steps along with how to check Securespend Prepaid Visa Card Balance. So, without any further ado, let’s begin!


SecureSpend is a non-reloadable prepaid gift card that provides you with the assurance that your transactions and personal information are secure. SecureSpend Prepaid Visa Card makes it simple to pay your bills, make routine purchases, or just keep to a budget. Simply put money onto the card and spend it as needed — no pre-approvals, no personal information required, and no trouble!

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Securespend Gift Card are widely accessible in thousands of retail outlets across the United States. You may use your Card straight away after purchasing it — it’s that simple! SecureSpend Cards are a safe and simple way to pay for online and in-store purchases, dining out, traveling, paying bills, and much more.

The card is not for everyone, but it is ideal for people who want some extra features from their banking experience. It gives people more flexibility in their finances and makes it possible to make both large and small purchases from the convenience of a single card. You can even check Securespend Prepaid Visa Card Balance. It is perfect for people with no or limited credit history, but it is also for people who want a second line of credit to help manage their money.

Keep reading to get Guide for Secure Spend Prepaid Mastercard Activation

Scecurespend Prepaid Visa Card

The Securespend Prepaid Visa Card was created in 2003 by Comenity Bank N.A. itself, which was acquired by Synchrony Bank in 2014. The Comenity Bank N.A. originally came out with the Secured MasterCard, which was perfect for people who had no credit history or limited credit history because it gave people with poor or no credit a way to improve their score while also giving them the convenience of a credit card while learning how to budget and properly manage money. Over the years, the company managed to create the Securespend Card which is much more flexible in terms of benefits.

Now, let’s dive in Secure Spend Prepaid Mastercard Activation

Steps to Activate USA Network in few simple Steps

Activate SecureSpend Card: Secure Spend Prepaid Mastercard Activation

Let’s have a look at how you can activate SecureSpend card, just follow these simple steps:

  1. The SecureSpend Prepaid Visa Card does not require any online process to go through to activate the card. You simply need to go to a local retailer in order to activate your card.
  2. You must choose how much money you want to put in it, usually between 20 to 500 dollars. There is an extra charge of  4.95 dollars too. 
  3. On your PC or smartphone open a web browser and visit Once you give add money, it is automatically processed through the secure spend visa card system and the money is available usually in a couple of minutes.
  4. Now you are ready to make use of your SecureSpend Gift Card at any online or offline retailer, but but only in the USA.

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How to Activate SyFy on Roku at

Secure Spend Prepaid Mastercard Activation via Roku: What better than Roku to stream your favorite shows, series, and movies from the SyFy channel? Follow these steps to activate SyFy on Roku:

1. Start SyFy activation by turning your Roku Device on

2. Using the Roku remote, navigate to the Home Screen first, and then to “Streaming Channels”

3. You’ll be taken to the Roku Channel Store where you’ll need to type in “SyFy” in the search bar.

4. Tap on the Channel and then tap on “Add Channel”

5. You got the SyFy channel on your Roku device. You can now launch the channel.

6. Tap on the welcome link using the Roku remote to receive the SyFy Activation code.

Note: The code is down visit the page on your browser using your PC or smartphone.

7. “Enter your Activation code” and tap on the “Continue” button.

That’s how you can activate SecureSpend card on Roku

Activate the Syfy channel on your Amazon Firestick

Secure Spend Prepaid Mastercard Activation on Firestick: Users with Amazon Firestick TV too can break the monotony of the pandemic life with the SyFy shows by activating the channel at The SyFy activation steps are as follows:

  • Go to the Amazon Store as soon as you turn your Firestick TV on.
  • Find the SyFy channel app and download it.
  • Just when you open the app, you’ll receive a unique activation code for your Fire TV.
  • Use your PC or smartphone to access or page.
  • Enter the activation code, when asked.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.

Check Your SecureSpend Prepaid visa card balance At

The SecureSpend Card is the ideal prepaid card for everyday spending across the country. You can use your Card for online shopping, dining out, paying for gas, and other activities. Let’s have a look at the steps on how you can check SecureSpend Prepaid Visa Card balance via the website:

  1. On your PC or smartphone open your web browser and visit
  2. Once you land on the page, you’ll see a dialogue box saying ‘Check your balance and view your transactions’.
  3. There in the given field fill in your 16 digit card number (without spaces).
  4. Next fill in the expiry month and year In the dialogue boxes under the expiry date tab.
  5. And lastly enter the CVV of your card present at the back side which will be of 3 digits.
  6. Once you filled all the boxes correctly with appropriate information hit the sign in button below.

That’s all about Secure Spend Prepaid Mastercard Activation. Now you may now be able to view your secure spend card’s balance and also check the transaction history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to activate a secure spend card?

Your Card will be mailed to you 7-10 days after your Serve Account has been approved. SecureSpend Prepaid Visa Card activation takes simply a few minutes once you’ve created your online account. Simply go to or call Serve Customer Service at 1-800-954-0559 to get started.

How can I turn a gift card into cash?

To exchange your card for cash, go to a Gift Card Exchange kiosk. A Gift Card Exchange kiosk is often found in a grocery store and is bright yellow. Insert your card details into the kiosk and then pick whether or not to accept the offer made by the kiosk.

Can I use a prepaid card with the cash App?

Cash App accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover debit and credit cards. Most government-issued prepaid cards are also supported, however, deposits to these cards are ineffective.

Why is my credit card being refused even though I have money on it?

Even if you have funds in your bank account, your debit card may be denied for a variety of reasons. The bank may have banned the card to avoid fraud, the merchant may not take your card type, the card may be damaged or expired, or you may have entered the incorrect PIN.

Why doesn’t my SecureSpend Gift Card function online?

A purchase could be rejected for a variety of reasons, including the following: You don’t have enough SecureSpend Prepaid Visa Card balance on your card, unfortunately. Your SecureSpend Gift Card is not registered or enabled. Your address on file with your prepaid card issuer is different from the address you provided when making an online or telephone purchase.

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Wrapping Up!

We hope that you found this guide useful on how to activate SecureSpend card (Secure Spend Prepaid Mastercard Activation) and check your Securespend Prepaid Visa Card balance at Thank you for staying with us till the end and will catch you in the next one.

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