Conn’s Credit Card Activation And Login Guide

April 20, 2022 Kunal Kumar Banking

Conn’s Inc., commonly known as Conn’s HomePlus, is an electrical, mattress, furniture, finance, fitness, and appliance retailer with locations around the United States, including Colorado, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, and New Mexico. While the firm is recognized for providing clients with a diverse choice of items, it also rewards Conn’s credit card with intriguing incentives and benefits. If you just got your Conn’s credit card, you’ll need to activate it on the page before you may use it for purchases and payments. Follow the instructions below to learn about the activation procedure for your Conn’s credit card on the website.

About Conn’s Home Plus

Conn’s Inc., located in The Woodlands, Texas, is an American furniture, mattress, electronics, and appliance retailer. Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia are among the states where the network operates. Greater Houston, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Greater San Antonio, Greater El Paso, Greater Corpus Christi, Southeast Texas, and South Texas are all served by Conn’s.

Edward Eastham established the Eastham Plumbing and Heating Company in Beaumont, Texas, in 1890. In 1931, the firm was taken over by the First National Bank of Beaumont, which renamed it Plumbing and Heating, Inc. Carol Washington Conn, Sr. was hired by Plumbing and Heating, Inc. in 1933. One year later, he bought the firm and renamed it Conn Plumbing and Heating Company.

Conn’s began producing refrigerators in 1937 and quickly expanded its product line to include gas ranges. Conn had acquired a retail building and relocated the business to 268 Pearl Street in Beaumont by 1940. The company’s second store, on Eleventh Street in Beaumont, opened in 1959. After service in the Korean War, C.W. Conn, Jr. joined the company in 1953. In 1962, he launched Conn’s retail service repair and maintenance subsidiary firm, Appliance Parts and Service, in response to consumer demand for trustworthy, high-quality service.

Conn Credit Corporation, a retail credit financing services firm, was co-founded by him in 1964 to provide retail credit financing services to Conn’s clients.

The chain, which was founded in Beaumont, grew in the 2000s. Conn’s, Inc. went public on November 25, 2003, with the sale of 4.6 million shares in its first public offering. The NASDAQ Exchange trades the company’s stock under the name CONN. Today, the firm provides servicing, distribution, financing, insurance, and other associated services to its clients in addition to appliances, gadgets, furniture, and mattresses.

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Activate your Conn’s Credit Card Via – Here’s how!

Follow these steps to activate your Conn’s Credit Card at

  1. To begin, open a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet and go to Conn’s activation page by typing into the address bar.
  2. When you get to Conn’s activation page on your web browser, click or press the ACTIVATE NOW button.
  3. When you pick the ACTIVATE NOW option, you will be asked to select the product you want to buy and the amount of financing you require.
  4. After picking the product and financing options (or bypassing this step), click or press the NEXT button. You’ll be sent to the following screen if you do so.
  5. On the following screen, fill in the requested boxes with your First name, Middle name (optional), Last name, Email, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Mobile Phone Number, Home Phone Number, Street Address, Apartment / Suite / Other (Optional), Zip Code, City, and State.
  6. After you’ve entered all of the essential information in the relevant areas, click CONTINUE PREQUALIFICATION. On the following screen, you’ll be led to the next stage in the activation procedure for your Conn’s card.
  7. So, on the following page, simply follow the on-screen directions to finish the Conn’s card activation procedure.

So, by following the instructions provided above, you will be able to activate your Conn’s credit card on the website.

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Login into your Conn’s Credit Card Account

If you want to log in or establish an account, go to


  1. Fill out the first field with your email address.
  2. In the next box, type your password.
  3. If you want to save your credentials and stay logged in while others visit, you may use the ‘Remember Me’ option.
  4. If you can’t remember your current passcode, use the ‘Forgot password’ option.


You will be able to finish the checkout process more quickly, see and monitor your orders, pay your bills, and do other things if you create a website account.

  1. Select REGISTER from the drop-down menu.
  2. Establish a New Customer Account
  3. Complete the Personal Information section.
  4. Please supply the same information that you did in your credit application.
    • Email Address
    • First Name 
    • Last Name
    • Subscribe to the Newsletter 
    • Enter Your Mobile Number
  5. You consent to receive text messages from Conn’s HomePlus by texting 35968. To join, you must give your express written approval to receive recurring marketing communications from or on behalf of Conn’s HomePlus through text message. You have given your consent to receive automated telemarketing messages for the phone number you provided. Purchasing does not necessitate consent. You agree to sign this legally binding agreement, including the T&Cs and Privacy Policy, by text messaging, which may be accessed at Charges for messages and data use may apply. Text 5TOP to 35968 to unsubscribe from Conn’s HomePlus communications.
  6. Create a Password
  7. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and include capital letters, lowercase letters, a number, and special characters such as @,$, percent, &,*,#,!-,?
  8. In ‘Password Confirmation,’ use the same password.
  9. If you want to save your credentials and stay logged in while others visit, use the ‘Remember Me’ option.

That’s it, you’re done creating your new account for Conn’s Credit Card and also you have successfully logged into your account.

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At Conn’s HomePlus, it’s all about making things happen. The Low Payment Finder was created to assist you in locating the best financing options that would result in the lowest payments available. Regardless of whether you have good or terrible credit, you make the most of your budget.

By stepping in and directly funding over 5 million consumers, Conn’s card has provided them with a better payment option. When you put Conn’s HomePlus to work for you, you might be surprised at what you can achieve!

We hope that you found this article informative and useful. Thanks for staying with us till the end!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Is it possible to use my Conn’s credit card anywhere?

Conn’s HomePlus provides customers with a credit card from Synchrony Bank that can be used at all Conn’s HomePlus locations. Learn more about the operation of store credit cards.

Does Conn’s assist in credit building?

Conn’s HomePlus Financing can assist you in improving your credit. Conn’s sends monthly reports to all three credit bureaus. That is, as long as you make your monthly bill in accordance with the requirements every month, a positive report will be sent to the credit bureaus, and you will gradually build your credit.

What happens if I fail to make a payment?

If you fail to make a payment, you will forfeit the no-interest special financing offer. Your account will revert to the standard terms and conditions outlined in your Conn’s Contract, and you will be charged retroactive interest beginning on the date of purchase.

Who is Conn’s credit due to?

Conn’s HomePlus offers a variety of purchasing options, including store credit cards, retail installment contracts, and lease-to-own programs through American First Finance. Conn’s HomePlus Financing is available through us. It’s quick and simple—you can get qualified right away* We’ve said “yes” to over 5 million people!

What credit score Does Synchrony Bank employee get?

When you apply for a Synchrony credit card, the lender will most likely pull your TransUnion credit report. In fact, Synchrony almost entirely relies on TransUnion.

Is it possible to use my Synchrony card at Lowe’s?

Because Lowe’s employs synchrony, the answer is yes.