Simple Guide to Add Watermark in Google Docs

August 10, 2021 Twinkle Kapoor How To

Microsoft Word offers the “Insert Watermark” feature handy to help you easily add your brand’s logo image or a text stamp that dwindles behind the content of every page in the document. Unlike Microsoft Word, Google Docs doesn’t offer a readymade solution for its users who wish to add watermark to their documents. However, you can overcome this limitation using G Suite products only.

Indicate if your document is confidential or can be distributed externally with a simple workaround. All you need to do is create a faded image with the text and place it behind the content of your document pages. Here’s how:

Insert Watermark in Google Docs

  • Create the watermark stamp

To create a watermark stamp, launch MS Paint in the landscape mode and add text choosing a dark grey color. Choose a bold font like Impact with a large font size since resizing a large image on Google Docs can be done easily. You can also create ready-to-use image stamps using Canva or Imgur.

  • Upload Watermark on Google Docs

Once on Google Docs, go to the Insert menu, choose the Image submenu, and then select the option to upload from the computer. Upload the watermark image that you created using MS Paint.

  • Open Image options

In Google Docs, right-click on the uploaded image, and choose ‘Image Options’ from the contextual menu.

  • Change Rotation

After that, navigate through the Image Options sidebar to choose ‘Size & Rotation’. Under this section, set the angle to 320 degrees to set the watermark diagonal.

  • Send the Image behind the Text
  • To set the watermark image behind the content body of your document, select ‘Behind Text’ under the text wrapping section.
  • Choose ‘Fixed Position’ under the Position section to set the watermark image as ‘Center’. This will place the watermark image right in the center of the page.
  • Now finally fade the watermark image in the background by setting the transparency to 80% under the Adjustments section.

And you are done adding the text stamp or your brand logo as the watermark on your Google Doc page. Although this workaround may be a little tedious for large documents, it is the easiest way to add a watermark to Google Docs. Here’s how the final effect of the watermark will look like:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

In Google Docs, how can I add a background image?

Just using Google Docs Drawing Tool-

– Launch Google Docs and choose a document to which you wish to add a background.
– Choose “New” from the “Insert” menu, then “Drawing.”
– Tap the “Image” icon from the drawing window’s tool bar.
– Pick a backdrop image that you want to utilise.

In Google Docs, how do you insert a picture behind text?

Choose “Image options” from the context menu when you right-click the image. Select “Text wrapping” from the drop-down menu that appears. Placing the image behind the text is a good idea. You may now insert the image after the text by selecting the “Behind text” option.

In Google Docs, can you place a watermark on just one page?

In Google Docs, launch your document and move your cursor to an area on the page where you can add a watermark. From the menu, select Insert > Drawing > New. You can use the toolbar to create your watermark after the Drawing tool is active. We’ll make a “Draft” watermark as an example.

In Google Docs, how can I make an image’s backdrop transparent?

Look at the image, select the Image choices button above the document, then select the Adjustments tab and move the Transparency slider.

Is it possible to customise the background of Google Docs?

After you’ve loaded your document, you can change the backdrop colour in a matter of seconds. To change the background colour in Google Docs, follow these steps: From the menu, choose File > Page setup. Choose a colour for the page by clicking the Page colour icon.

In Google Docs, how can I insert an image below another image?

Click the image icon once more (if you want to add a text overlay, click the T icon instead). You’ll have to browse to your second image in the Insert Image window, which will open again. Must choose your second image, select Select, and it will appear in the Google Drawings window.


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