How to activate your Bank of America Plasma Loyalty Card

January 20, 2023 Deepali Bhatia Banking

In this article, I will show you how you can undertake the Bank of America Plasma Loyalty Card activation and other important details. So, stick to the end. 

Bank of America: The issuer of the Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card

The Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, North Carolina serves as the home base for the American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company, Bank of America. The bank was established in San Francisco, and NationsBank of Charlotte purchased it in 1998, giving it its current shape. After JPMorgan Chase, it is the second-largest bank in the United States. By market value, it is also the second-largest bank globally. One of the Big Four U.S. financial organizations is Bank of America.  It competes directly with JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo for roughly 10.73% of all bank deposits in the United States. Commercial banking, wealth management, and investment banking are its three main financial services.

Bank of America Plasma Loyalty Card: A reloadable prepaid debit card

Bank of America or Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card is essentially a reloadable prepaid debit card to pay you back for the time you spent giving at a CSL Plasma donation facility. Plasma donations to Grifols are becoming more and more common. The Grifols Plasma Loyalty Card and recompense media from Grifols are the main subjects of much of the enthusiasm. You are qualified to get a token for your plasma donation, and the Plasma Loyalty Card is now active.

One benefit of this healthcare cost financing approach is that it makes it simpler to obtain the bio-ingredients required for crucial therapies. All plasma donations are processed for end-serum users at the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL). A Grifols card is offered by this company and is backed by Bank of America. Additionally, Grifols specifies a donor’s card purchase cap. Although the assistance of Bank of America is essential for setup, insurance was offered by the FDIC prior to the card.

Benefits of having a Grifols/Bank of America Plasma Loyalty Card

  • Withdrawals from any ATM supported by Visa Inc.
  • Deposit money into accounts using USSDs or texts.
  • Buy goods at any retail location that has ATM installations.
  • Can pay for all of the groceries if Visa Cards are accepted for payment.
  • Until the funds run out, use the card to make any purchases you want whenever you want, or save your money for your next sizable purchase.
  • Bank of America’s “zero liability” policy states that, as long as we are notified of a loss or theft within a reasonable amount of time, you won’t be held accountable for any unauthorized transactions made with your Card.

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How to activate your Bank of America Plasma Loyalty Card

There are two ways via which you can activate your Grifols Plasma card, firstly via calling on a specific number and secondly via their online website. 

Via Calling

You can activate the Card by phoning (833) 896-7979 toll-free, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. You will then have to answer certain questions like your date of birth and your 16-digit card account number. Within a matter of minutes, your card shall be activated for you to use without any issues. 

Via Online

In order to get this Bank of America Card activated online you will have to head to the URL and then enter some of your card details such as your 16-digit card account number and date of birth. 

You will be then required to click on the activation option and your card shall be activated. 

NOTE: In both of these methods there are some things that you need to take care of:

  • UNTIL THE CARD IS ACTIVATED AND A PIN IS SELECTED, IT CAN NOT BE USED. You will select a Personal Identification Number when you call or activate your card online.
  • For all pinned point-of-sale purchases and ATM withdrawals, your Personal Identification Number serves as the access code to your account.

How to get yourself enrolled in online banking in order to use the Bank of America Plasma Loyalty Card

  • Click Enroll on the website.
  • Complete all needed fields, then click Continue.
  • Enter your email address, and then click Send code to receive a code that will help you prove your identity.
  • Enter the authorization code, then click Send.
  • Click Continue after reading and acknowledging the electronic disclosure.
  • Click Continue after reading and accepting the Online Banking Service Agreement.
  • Select Continue after creating your new Online ID and Passcode.
  • Choose whether or not you want us to keep track of the device you’re using. Choose No if you’re using a shared computer. Click Continue after that.

That’s it with all these steps completed, you shall be able to manage your Bank of America Plasma Loyalty card even before you have activated it. 

How to sign in to your Bank of America Plasma Card

Now, once you have activated your Grifols Loyalty Plasma Card and opened your online account, you may have to sign in to use or take benefits of the opened account. For that the steps below will help you out:

  • Firstly, head to this URL.
  • Then, on the page that you are now directed to enter your Username and then your password on the next. Remember that these two things would have been provided to you when you were enrolling into your online account. 
  • Once you have entered them correctly, click on the submit option lastly and you will be signed in. 

Note: In case you forgot your password, click on the forgot password option below the username option, and then to get a new password enter your Email address and the last 4 digits of your Plasma Loyalty Card. This shall do the job. 

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To sum up 

One of the ways to pay for plasma donations at Grifols is with a Bank of America/plasma loyalty card and a Grifols Visa Prepaid Card.

User funds are immediately loaded to their cards as part of each donation, providing users with convenient, secure access to their money.

The balance on your Bank of America/plasma loyalty card determines the buy and withdrawal cap. An easy-to-use, reloadable prepaid debit card is used to collect remuneration from donors for their time spent giving plasma.

In order to activate your Bank of America Plasma Loyalty Card you just need to head to the given URL enter your details and that’s it. It shall be activated within a matter of minutes. It’s up to you whether you prefer the online method or the phone method.


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