10 Best Netflix Romantic Movies To Take You On A Romance Thrill

October 27, 2021 Deepali Bhatia Trending

If you are really in the mood for love and want some instant gratification, then there wouldn’t be a better place than Netflix. This over-the-top content platform is stocked with some of the finest romantic films ranging from classics to comedy and everything in-between. Here is a list of some of the best Netflix romantic movies of all time.

Best Netflix Romantic Movies on Nextflix

Silver Linings Playbook

From the director of American Hustle, this Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper romantic drama could be your top choice when it comes to exploring the madness of love. Here, Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) who suffers from bipolar disorder runs into Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a widow with some kind of a mental illness. They both try assisting each other in achieving their respective goals and in the process realize that the relationship is anything but casual.

Though the plot of this film can be considered predictable it is fascinating how the two protagonists relate to each other’s craziness to keep themselves sane. Pat, who comes across as a desperate romantic, believes that his ex-wife was his true love. Whereas Tiffany is completely disconnected from her emotions after her husband’s death. How their relationship builds up is quite relatable to how real-life relationships work and the actors have done a fabulous job of bringing their characters to life.

50 First Dates

This Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore collaboration is all about selfless romantic devotion. Sandler plays Henry Roth, a marine biologist in Hawaii who romances multiple women and forgets them when they leave. Lucy (Barrymore) on the other hand suffers from short-term amnesia after a tragic accident and wakes up every morning thinking it is the day of the accident. When they both meet, Henry is instantly smitten by Lucy and decides she’s worth whatever struggles and sacrifices are required.  

It’s quite an experimental film with Henry reintroducing himself every day to Lucy with the hope that one day things would fall in place. Initially, Lucy’s family is a little hesitant about Henry’s antics but gradually they understand the true nature of his intentions. It’s the kind of story that starts fresh every day and the Sandler, Drew Barrymore chemistry makes it more charming and equally loveable.

Eat Pray Love

Based on a novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, this movie is about a wealthy woman who goes on a journey of self-discovery. Julia Roberts is Elizabeth Gilbert, a middle-aged American woman who has everything money can buy but is yet not happy with her life or her marriage. This movie is all about her weird adventure to three different countries after suffering a terrible divorce and a breakup to find the true meaning of love.

The title speaks for itself as the film has plenty of food and a lot of chanting mantras, not to forget the intimacy between Roberts and Bardem. This 133-minute-long film is thoroughly enjoyable and there is an undeniable attractiveness to all the scenic locations of Italy, Bali, and India. Watching this one among the other best Netflix romantic movies is surely going to make you want to take a romantic vacation!


Set in the backdrop of 1950s New York, Carol is one of the Best Netflix Romantic Movies which is an adaptation of a Patricia Highsmith novel The Price of Salt. You can consider it a lesbian love story between Theresa Belivet (Rooney Mara) a young photographer and Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett) a married socialite who is unhappy in her relationship. Blanchett’s performance is nothing less than utterly right in this spellbinding movie. Whereas Mara is a revelation as a woman who is generous but equally vulnerable.

This film is a lot about homosexual people in the fifties and how they managed to live their lives with dignity in a highly conservative society. Watching it will definitely steal your heart and you will also understand the loneliness these characters had to bear in a world that did not accept them the way they were. It’s a movie that you are not going to forget soon, especially with all the charismatic talent the actors have delivered on-screen.

About Time

You can call it an amalgamation of philosophy and love as this romcom captures the idea of setting certain wrong things right through time travel. The concept is not new to most of us but this time travel romance is a bit different where Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) wants to win his lady love Mary (McAdams) by sorting various wrongs within his own life.

This romantic comedy boasts of some genuinely funny jokes coupled with a few silly romantic moments that’ll keep making you fall in love with this motion picture. McAdams’ effortless acting and Gleeson’s Hugh Grant vibes and their chemistry together are quite the highlights of About Time. Even Tim’s relationship with his father (Bill Nighy) is of significant importance in the plot of this incredibly moving and one of the best Netflix romantic movies.

The Incredible Jessica James

Well, you could call it an offbeat romantic comedy starring Jessica Williams as the Incredible Jessica James. The character of the protagonist here is that of a selfish and naïve woman who is equally passionate, raw, and ambitious. She plays a young woman struggling with rejection in her professional and romantic life until she meets Boone (Chris O’ Dowd), a divorced, bitter Irishman. Though she continues to fantasize about her ex-boyfriend Damon (Lakeith Stanfield), she also ends up striking an unlikely romance for the Irishman. 

The electric chemistry between Jessica and Boone is undeniable as both pursue their respective dreams as two individuals carrying their baggage in a relationship. The supporting performance by Chris O’ Dowd proves a lot about his talent as he adds freshness beyond the usual romance. There is no doubt there will be plenty of loud laughs when you get this Netflix film rolling.

Runaway Bride

This movie pairing Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) and Ike Graham (Richard Gere) is nothing more than a sitcom plot oozing with sitcom jokes. Roberts is a small-town girl from Maryland who has ditched three men at the altar and plans to walk the aisle again. Gere on the other hand is a columnist for USA Today who sets out to write a cover article for GQ to expose Maggie as the Runaway Bride. Joan Cusack plays the bridesmaid to Roberts and delivers an impeccable performance giving the film its additional spark.

Watching the sparks fly by whenever Gere and Roberts confront each other is meant for the old-fashioned romance generation. Though their outstanding performances right from start to finish make the film sizzle. After all, who doesn’t prefer to watch these two fabulous stars on a quiet romantic evening?

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Easy A

A downright entertaining experience, Easy A is nothing less than a modern-day classic and that’s how it ranks on our list of best Netflix romantic movies. It’s a teen comedy starring Emma Stone as Olive who’s one white lie to her closest friend Rhi (Aly Michalka) changes her life dramatically in high school. Stone with her breakout performance as a young innocent woman with growing social confidence is utterly charming. The movie also successfully captures high school drama and chaos including butterflies of first love and the power of word-of-mouth gossip.

This is a one-of-a-kind film that revolves around its characters in a way that feels quite natural and well deserved. The high school experience in Easy A has been very truthfully shown by director Will Gluck with a sense of integrity while also exposing the sheer lunacy of it. There is tons of heart and humor with plenty of delightful comic moments making the watching experience purely magical.

Scott Pilgrims vs. The World

Based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series, this film has Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrims, a slacker who plays bass in a garage band. His world turns upside down when he encounters Ramona Flower (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) as he falls for her immediately but to get her, he must first overcome the evil wrath of her seven sisters.

Cera’s natural ability to be hilarious and utterly adorable at the same is quite a talent we get to witness while watching this film. It nails the concept of a youth-themed romantic comedy and is likely to appeal to people who are into gaming and special effects. The craziness about how a boy meets a girl and must win her at any cost has been so beautifully depicted that you will love it to your heart.

Set It Up

A Netflix original romantic comedy about two overworked assistants, Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) who decide on pairing they are over-demanding bosses. It’s a gorgeous rom-com where Deutch and Powell share great chemistry, bringing an adorable amount of energy to this motion picture. There are plenty of hilarious moments and they both prove adept at physical comedy.

Set It Up is widely predictable due to its storyline and it does get a little cheesy at times but it is an absolute gem of a movie. It is a cinematic pleasure for your senses, a classic rom-com that you have been starving for!


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