5 Cool Pet Gadgets That You Didn’t Know Exist

November 12, 2021 Deepali Bhatia Gadgets

Pets are no one’s pet peeves. Pun’s apart, they are the non-human embodiment of a companion in literal terms. They may not express themselves in the form of speech we humans can comprehend but they do attend to us in other ways in a language that is universally applicable and apprehensible called love, an unconditional kind love. And their health and safety should be the priority of every pet parent and it comes with a long list of essential gadgets for your pets. So we have summed up with a list of top and best pet gadgets to keep your furry friends comfy and well-loved.

Families now as we have become more and more animal-independent, we do more than just domestication, we embrace and welcome them to be a part of the same family where everyone’s goals have progressed way beyond mere sustenance and the need of the pet has blended into our own familial needs.  

At the same time, it is also true that keeping pets is a demanding task, and intermingled with the hubbub of working life it becomes rather strenuous. So, the question of worth is that how can we ease up things for ourselves without undermining the comfort of our beloved pets. Well, the remedy would be in the form of the best pet gadgets that you can use to this effect. 

Here Are The 5 Best Pet Gadgets That You May Need And You Didn’t Know Until Now

  • PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

There may have been instances when you are not at home perturbed by the fact that who is going to take care of the hydration-related need of your furry friend. Well, PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet fountain comes to dispel your worry with its 168- ounce water capacity that you can adjust as per the size of your pet or even multiple pets. 

The water runs down from the top in a stream enticing your pet to drink more and also allowing the water to be replete with oxygen. 

You don’t have to worry about the odor of the water as the replaceable carbon water filter that it comes with mitigates bad tastes and odors.

The water pump allows you to adjust the flow of water to prevent it from being too splashy or too drippy.

If you are the person gnawed by the fear of leaving your friend dehydrated in case of your unavailability, this gadget does the task for you. 

  • PiqaPoo

This is mundane-looking gadget can come in handy to you in a lot of situations when your dog has to attend to nature’s call while you are out there for a walk or going somewhere. 

It is a dog poop collector consisting of two parts. One is the clip made out of a silicon pad that would you attach comfortably around your dog’s tail. It is also lightweight so your dog won’t find it cumbersome while attending his business. The second part is the poop collecting bag attached to the clip in a dangling manner. The poop will directly fall into this collecting bag which you can then quickly discard without having to worry about any clean-ups with the press of a button.

  • PetNet Smart Bowl

The name would have made it obvious what purpose this smart gadget would serve. Yes, it will serve the purpose of satiating your dog or cat with food while also preventing you from putting out too much or too little food in your pet’s bowl. To put it definitively it measures the adequate amount of food your dog should consume with utmost precision. This is done so with the help of the LED lights embedded on the side of the container.

Since different pets have different foods requirements so you will first have to put your dog’s eating details into the Petnett app, which you can also use for monitoring how much food your pet is consuming.

  • Furbo

Want to know what your pooches or kitten doing at home? Well, Furbo is a kind of a pet monitor built exactly for this purpose. Its efficacy in bringing the moments your pet spends alone at home is invigorated by a companion app. Apart from this, you can feed them with just a press of a button, the stored food in the container will drop a piece of food. Moreover, the cute camera-like gadget allows you to monitor your pet even in low lighting with its 720 p capable 120-degree wide-angle camera.

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  • iFetch

Since everything is revolutionizing, why not revolutionize your fetch game with the iFetch machine allowing your pet to have more playtime in the event of you getting worn up. It can also function in your unavailability, you just have to train your dog to place the balls atop the iFetch machine and it will shoot the ball at a distance that is also adjustable.

It comes with a power cord and a battery. It is recommended for you to use the cord when indoors and battery when playing in a park or somewhere akin.   


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