Guide to Login and Delete LendingTree account via Email

November 22, 2022 Ritik Rawat Finance

This article has everything under its belt from reviews and login and application to how you can delete your LendingTree account on America’s largest online lending marketplace.

LendingTree for many seems like a misnomer, primarily due to the reason that the company doesn’t lend. While it is indeed true, the company did have a rationale, which is connecting the potential borrowers to a plethora of moneylenders that are registered on their website and thereby giving you several options to compare deals across different kinds of loans, credit cards, housing insurance, deposit account and a lot more. In all of this, one thing that it does seem to mitigate is the amount of time that you would spend oscillating from one financial institution to another. Now, before we move into the technicality of the website and how it works, let’s get a taste of the reviews. For, any product financial in nature demands us being conversant.

Apply for different products on LendingTree

Pre-lender interaction with LendingTree

  • Before we get into a full-fledged application guide for your mortgage, it is worthwhile to remember that you will first have to submit a loan request on Lending Tree’s official website or call on number 800. Then what will follow up is a series of questions consisting of the kind and amount of loan you are seeking as well as some inquiry into your income, assets, and debts.
  • Now, the company will forward this information to three of its lenders, who will finally decide whether you are approved for the loan or not.
  • Generally, you may get in touch with the lenders in a matter of a few minutes via email. However, if you have an impeccable credit score then the chances are aloft for you.

Passing the preliminary stage

  • Now, as you may have made your way through the preliminary stage. In the next stage of the application process where you may have to interact with the lender. So, below are the key steps to your LendingTree application:

Checking your Credit score

It’s important while you are seeking a loan to provide details of your credit score and if it is bad then you will be going through a hard time finding one and no institution vests their interest on borrowers with a bad credit history. Before you apply make sure that you know what your credit score is and the potential APR that you may have to pay. The higher the credit score, the lower the APR.

Get your Prequalification

Now, once you are cognizant of your credit score, you can finally embark upon the journey of knowing your loan requirements. Some will list the required credit score on their websites while others won’t.


Now, the next thing you may want to do is compare different offers based on the factors consisting of Estimated APR, fee and penalties, loan amount and length, and monthly payment collateral required or not. All of this will help you settle down on a loan offer.

Formal application

Now, the stage comes where you will have to apply through the lender. This process would require a hard credit check or hard pulls which can impact your credit score for they will be assessing your credit history and making a note of their officials all the way into your credit reports. However, it lasts only for 2 years in your credit report and can impact it for only a year.


Now, after all the inquiries you will finally be able to receive your funds by simply signing a loan agreement that would not require much of a hassle as it will be done online. Don’t forget to go over the terms and conditions before you make those strokes.

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LendersTree account login steps

Now, before you apply or even try to delete your Lending Tree account, it is important to get your way into the website, which won’t happen unless you log in. so, below are the steps into the sign-in process for new users which will, in turn, help you log in.

  • You will first have to visit their login page, wherein at the bottom you will be able to see sign up which is a prompt option for new users, click on that.
  • Now, on the page you will be directed to, will ask for your first and last name.
  • Click on ‘Next’.
  • Then the next page will ask for more details, including your Street address, ZIP Code, Birthdate, Email address, password, and last four digits of SSN.
  • Select ‘I grant’
  • Then, click on ‘Confirm your Identity’ and after following a few prompts you will have a LendingTree account which you can then use for logging in.

How to delete your LendingTree account?

No matter how good the services of the company might be. You still may want to delete your Lending Tree account due to reasons such as promotional emails that are spamming your email and others. In any case, the below steps will allow you to delete your Lending Tree account via the official Lending Tree website as well as via mail. 

Deleting the LendingTree account via their official website

  • Go to LendingTree contact page for further information.
  • After clicking the aforementioned link, you will be sent to the Contact Us page where you may fill out the required fields, including first name, last name, and email address.
  • Choose a subject option. A technical query.
  • Write “I want to deactivate my account” along with an honest explanation in the space provided for comments or questions, and then press the SUBMIT button. You will get an email on your account informing you of the removal of your account within 72 hours.

Deleting the LendingTree account via Email

  • Open the email address you used to register for the app or website.
  • Now write an email with the subject “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” to
  • Now, send them an email asking them to erase all of your information and deactivate your LendingTree account from their database.

LendingTree Reviews

LendingTree is absolutely free to use for the borrowers, it’s the registered lenders that will have to pay a certain amount of fee to the company based on the finalized loan.

The positives

One thing that you may want to keep in mind is the fact that the mortgage that would clinch, would be similar to elsewhere. But, as already mentioned you can always compare the offers from different lenders thereby enabling you to enjoy some degree of cut.

You can get a loan after you have been selected in less than 2 minutes.

The negatives

One of the key things that turn out to be a blemish and is not colloquial to the company but rather the structure of their business. For, from the time of your application till the time you have finally made up your mind, you are going to get bombarded by emails and phone calls. It’s kind of like a rat race, for everyone, has financial incentives to not bother you once.

Another negative is the corollary of the first one, as many lenders would be affiliated to many unknown banks. So, do proper fact-checking before you finalize any sort of mortgage. They may even ask you to make a deposit or insurance to get a loan, but as per the LendingTree guidelines, companies would not bother asking for any sort of initial monetary deposit. So, don’t get succumbed to online scams while using Lending Tree.


Lending Tree is one of the finest online platforms that allow you to compare different kinds of financial instruments. However, the technical aspect concerning the platform such as how you can log in and how you can delete your LendingTree account are all covered here. Make sure you follow the steps as it is.


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