Top digital camera bargains of 2023: Best Camera (DSLR) Review

January 31, 2023 Staff Writer Gadgets

Always thought of photography as something out of your budget? Well, the cutting-edge cameras and exquisite equipment are surely costlier, but there are cheap options too. If photography is your true passion, there’s no reason to give it up just because of the budget. There are ample great digital camera options available that wouldn’t make a hole in your pocket. Not only do they cost affordable, but they also come packed with top-notch features.

However, we know that the definition of affordability is different for everyone out there. Thus, we have brought forth some of the top-rated digital cameras from various price ranges.

Buying Guide for the Best Digital Cameras for Professionals

Sony HX90V – Ideal for close-up shots


Sensor1/1.23-inch, 18.2MP
EVF Continuous shooting10fpsMovies: 1080p / 60p
Lens30x zoom, 24-720mm (equivalent)
Viewfinder0.2-inch, pop-up

If you are someone who prefers to click close-up pictures over anything else, then there cannot be any better option than the Sony HX90V. It stands out to be one of the Top Digital Cameras, accompanied by a slim body, pop-up viewfinder, and a fancy tilting screen to work with.

Not to forget, some slight compromises come along with the camera – let alone its affordable purchase point.

Compared to a top-notch zoom setting, you get a smaller sensor. Moreover, the 1/2.3-inch model meets its favorable quality when shot in ample daylight – the gloomy low-light is certainly not it’s a cup of tea!

Pop-up EVFNo touchscreen feature
Tilting screenDoesn’t offer raw shooting
Lengthy zoom

Canon EOS R6 – A Budget All-rounder


User levelEnthusiast/Expert
Sensor sizeFull frame
LensCanon RF
Viewfinder0.5-inch OLED EVF, 3,690,000 dots, 100% coverage, 0.76x magnification, 120fps refresh rate

Though quite underrated when it comes to its popularity, among the DSLR cameras in trend, this camera is undoubtedly an all-rounder to work with.

Compared to the price you pay, the speed of the camera is top-notch and is further led by an exquisite RF lens mount for delivering prompt auto-focus and action.

Though the camera lacks a 45 MP resolution and an 8K video feature, it backs you up with best-in-body stabilization along with twin card slots. Especially if you are a working professional in the photography industry, then this particular purchase may just tick away all your boxes with its additional features.

Fully articulating touch displayLacks 8K video quality
Fast auto-focusCannot ensure huge prints
Easy to carry around

Nikon Z7 II – Exquisite Mirrorless Finish


Sensor sizeFull frame
LensNikon Z

Photographers often fancy the extraordinary mirrorless models when it comes to digital cameras, however, that might lead to a dent in their wallets. But, to much surprise, the Nikon Z7 II offers all that and more without burgling you off.

With a resolution of 45 MP, and up to 4K video recording, the camera is in no way unworthy when compared to its rivals. It is, moreover, backed by an excellent battery life that lasts for hours – providing you with a hassle-free work experience.

For a pro at photography like you, it is definitely a great option to consider till you save up for a Canon or Sony. Besides, the full-frame mirrorless model seems quite fancy and sophisticated to carry around.

Offers great print quality of the imagesNot fully articulated LCD screen
Mirrorless body finishLower resolution EVF
Comes with dual card slots

Fujifilm X-T4 – Best Budget Hybrid Camera


User leveIntermediate
EVFContinuous shooting15fps (mechanical shutter), 30fps (electronic)
Viewfinder3,690K dots

Well, most of us want appliances that are capable of multi-tasking – otherwise, what’s the point of investing, right? Well, don’t forget to check the Best digital camera reviews, before buying. Considering the feature and the price you’re paying, Fujifilm X-T4 offers the best features for both stills and videos.

The innovative foundation of the Fujifilm offers the best in-body stabilization along with some top-notch design features. Moreover, its faster burst design led by great battery life is quite reliable to avail of, given the budget.

Undoubtedly, the still camera of the 26MP APS-C sensor is great for shooting stills while the video camera of X-T4 is the real game-changer for the users. Moreover, the fully articulating touchscreen is something you don’t see in most of the cameras in the given price range.

Can avail IBIS for shooting videosLimited Video Recording
Top-notch image quality
Fully articulating touch screen

Canon EOS Rebel T8i


TypeIInterchangeableEVFContinuous shooting: 7 fps
Viewfinder24.1 MP APS-C

Many of us find photography as a great hobby to pursue but maybe they don’t find it enough to invest a huge sum of money instantly. For all the casual photographers out there, the Canon EOS Rebel T8i proves to be the ideal one. However, do check the best Digital camera deals before buying.

Just like the previous models, the T8i doesn’t compromise in the quality of photos at all and offers several built-in guides to its users that make it easier to learn, especially for beginners.

Talking of shooting videos, the digital camera excels there as well with a 4K resolution. The frame rate given is quite faster, that is, 24 fps and is ideal for those who prefer shooting high-quality videos. There’s also a great audio jack provided alongside that ensures great audio quality.

Can record 4K videosDoesn’t offer USB charging
Comes with an easy user interface
Provides an audio jack
Offers built-in guides

Canon Ixus 185 HS – Best Affordable Pocket Camera


Sensor size1/2.3in
EVFContinuous shooting0.8fps

If there’s a camera for neither the enthusiasts and nor for the professionals, then Canon Ixus 185 HS can be counted as the one. You do not need to love photography or need a professional to get a digital camera so affordable and practical.

The camera is quite cheap given the features it provides and comparing it to the rest in its herd. Neither does it cost cheap but its features are quite easy to work with and comes with a simple interface as well.

Though there is no reason to compare it with a high-budget one, you can definitely find it reliable as an alternative option. The 8x zoom lens is undoubtedly the best it has got, and thus suits individuals of every age and purpose.

Great alternative for a costly phone cameraOffers smaller sensor
8x zoom lens
Simple user interface

Nikon D3500


EVFContinuous shooting5 fps
LensNikon F

Though not a brand new piece in the market, Nikon D3500 has been our all-time favorite with some OG features. Despite its advanced technology, it is quite easy to use and delivers top-notch image quality.

If you are a professional and just starting out, this camera might be quite helpful to use. Handling the camera is quite simple and is backed with a 24-megapixel sensor that delivers excellent quality and sharp images.

Given the affordable budget of the digital camera, the latest miniature AF-P retracting kit lens is surely a top-notch addition. Besides, the fast live focus is something quite extraordinary and doesn’t even require the support of autofocus.

Easy to useThe rear screen is fixed
Offers interchangeable lens photography
Great ergonomics

Nikon Z6 II – Best Digital Camera for Street Photography


User levelIntermediate/expert
Sensor sizeFull-frame
EVFContinuous shooting14fps
Viewfinder3,690K dots

If you are an enthusiast and love to do some street photography then and now, then we cannot vouch for anything other than Nikon Z6 II. For someone, who is looking for an upgrade from phone photography, this camera might meet your criteria.

Supporting a 14fps burst mode, the Nikon Z6 II comes with an additional EXPEED 6 that makes room for more improvements. Furthermore, the camera has some great autofocus boosts that ensure easy eye and face detection.

Backed by a solid foundation, the digital camera provides an extra UHS-II card slot to go with. The BSI CMOS sensor, led by the 24MP full-frame, allows great performance even at higher ISOs and is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Excellent build qualityVari-angle screen not provided
Easy Handling
Great performance even at higher ISOs

Fujifilm X100V – Best Compact Digital Camera with Advanced Features


SensorAPS-C X-Trans CMOS
TypePremium compact
EVFContinuous shooting11fps
Lens23mm, f/2
ViewfinderHybrid EVF

To begin with, the exotic model of the camera solely steals the show – let alone its features. Going back, its past few models brought quite a breakthrough in the world of photography. Thus, we can definitely keep some great things from it as well.

Though quite understated considering its 23mm f/2 lens, weather-resistant body, and tilting touchscreen – the camera is undoubtedly a real gem.

Whether you want to do portrait photography or some street styles – the camera suits both purposes very well given the new 26.1MP APS-C sensor paired with the latest X-Processor 4. Moreover, it is equipped with both electronic and hybrid EVF that packs it with higher resolution.

Top-notch autofocusThe weather sealing requires a filter
Improved sensor
Equipped with a tilting touchscreen

Sony RX100 VI – Best Mirrorless Camera


Typecompact camera
EVFContinuous shooting315 focus points, with 24 fps
Lens24-200 mm Equiv. zoom lens
ViewfinderElectronic viewfinder (OLED)

The full-frame mirrorless camera can give tough competition to any high-end camera – all thanks to its excellent features.

Equipped with a BIONZ XR imaging processing engine alongside a 50.1-megapixel full-frame stacked Exmor RS CMOS image sensor, which promises high-quality images. Besides, the 9.44 million dot QLED Quad-XGA electronic viewfinder supports great performance even in high exposure backed by a 240Hz refresh rate.

Offers large buffer memoryCostlier compared to the other cameras
Provides 8K recording
AI-based real-time tracking for accurate focus


As they say – it’s never too late to start. Now that we have given you an ultimate list of the best DSLR cameras, getting the one that fits in your budget, wouldn’t be a big deal. Furthermore, if you want to avail of some more discounts, you can always look out to the Digital camera bargain websites and Digital camera bargain Portals for some great deals.


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