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Gaia was founded over three decades ago in 1988 by Jirka Rysavy. Earlier it was known as Gaiam. Gaia is an independent international media video-streaming service and online community mainly focusing on fringe services and Yoga. Gaia has an overwhelming number of subscribers around half a million across 185 countries. It also has the largest online resources on videos for consciousness-expanding and these include Yoga & meditation classes, enlightening & informative films, original shows, and more that are found exclusively on Gaia only and nowhere else. If you are excited by its original series on ancient wisdom and wish to watch its award-winning films and documentaries, you may want to activate it on your device using

What’s more, Gaia contains a lot of written articles and videos on yoga, pseudoscience, psychedelics, etc. To enjoy all these and more, you will need to activate the service via the webpage.

How to activate Gaia on Apple TV, Roku, and Android TV?

To start using the service, you must first understand the process of Gaia activation on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon, Fire TV, and Android TV.  

Imagine you download videos on your Apple, Android, or Roku device to enjoy watching later! The experience can never be described in words, especially if you are a follower or original series. The best thing about Gaia is that irrespective of the device you have at home (Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, or Android TV) and an active Gaia subscription, you can watch your favorite videos using the same account & membership. Make sure you visit only to activate Gaia on your preferred devices.

Visit to begin the activation process. Click to login and key in the code and there you go – you can now watch live videos on-demand within just 30 seconds of Gaia activation. Here are the steps to activate Gaia on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV.  

Steps to activate Gaia on Roku using

Roku is amongst the most popular and chosen streaming devices among users who want to watch on-demand content, live TV, series, original content, full episodes, and movies. Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku 4 are recommended if you want simply the best Gaia experience. Make sure you have a compatible device before you start the activation process on the Roku device. Here are the quick steps to help you activate Gaia on your Roku digital media player:

  • Turn the device on and use the remote (of Roku) for clicking on the “streaming channels” from your home screen.
  • Type “Gaia” and choose “Add channel” once you have found it.
  • The app must be added to your Roku device and visible on your home screen.
  • There are two ways to complete the process of activation:
  1. by getting the activation code and then entering it at;
  2. by using the login credentials.

If you choose to select another device & activate your Gaia account, here are the steps to do it:

–  Launch the Gaia app and then choose “log in”.

–  You will receive a unique activation code.

–  Make sure you note down the activation code before you go to the page.

–   Follow the instructions that you see on the screen enter the activation code when asked.

–   The confirmation process takes not more than 30 seconds.

You may use your Roku device. The second method requires you to just open the app – Gaia. Choose to “log in” and select the “log-in with email” option. Now enter the required details and choose “log in” and there you go! Isn’t it easy?

Steps to activate Gaia on Apple TV using

Take delight in knowing that the official app of Gaia is available right on your own App Store. Now that means you can enjoy streaming your favorite Gaia shows on all Apple devices – Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad. Here is a quick Gaia activation to help you enjoy the app on any of your Apple devices.

The steps to activate Gaia on Apple TV are as follows:

  • Start Gaia activation by turning your Apple TV on.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Find the Gaia app on your App store with the help of the remote control.
  • To search the app, you will need to type Gaia in the search box.
  • You can now see the app on the screen.
  • Click on the “get” button and the app will start to download on your Apple TV.
  • Once the process is over, launch it.
  • The system fetches a unique activation code.
  • If the on-screen instructions require you to sign in to your account, you need to enter the credentials i.e. your username & password, for receiving the code.
  • On your Apple device, you can access the activation link of the app i.e.
  • Make sure your mobile phone or computer uses the same internet connection.
  • On the webpage, you will be asked to log in for activating your device.
  • Enter the login credentials and hit the “login” button.

Now you just need to key in the received code when required.

The code will be verified by the system and it will take not more than a few seconds for your device to be ready for streaming films, original shows, practices, documentaries, etc. These enlightening and informative shows aren’t available via mainstream media. Enjoy watching the exclusive shows exclusively on your Apple TV.

You may also get the app activated on your iPad or iPhone. Here are the quick steps to help you do it.

  • Turn the Apple device on.
  • Visit the App Store and search for the Gaia app there.
  • Hit the “get” icon to start the installation process.
  • Once the app installation is complete, launch it.
  • You will be prompted to key in the login details.
  • Enter these details to log in.

You can enjoy streaming Gaia anywhere, anytime using your iPhone or iPad.

Gaia activation guide for Android TV

Here are the quick and easy steps to help you activate Gaia app on your Android TV.

  • Turn on your Android device and visit the Play Store.
  • Search “Gaia” in the play store.
  • You will see the app on the screen.
  • Just click “install” to begin the installation process.
  • The channel will be added to your device.
  • Now launch the Gaia app to receive your activation code.
  • Save the activation code and visit the page.
  • Here you’ll be asked to key in the login credentials for completing the process.
  • Select “log-in” and then “log in with email”.
  • Key in the login credentials (username & password) and choose the “log in” button to complete the process.

Now your Android TV is ready for streaming your favorite Gaia content.

You can also get the app on your Fire TV. Here are the quick and easy steps to activate Gaia on Fire TV.

Search for Gaia by typing “Gaia” in your home screens’ search box.

Download the app on your Fire TV. You may complete the activation process by using another device & keying in the activation code at the page or by simply logging in using your email.

  • If you wish to log in using your email username & password, open the app.
  • Choose the “log in” option and “login with email”.
  • Hit the “log in” button once you have entered the email credentials.

The process is complete.

If you go for the other option of choosing another device and activating your account, the steps are as follows:

  • Launch the Gaia app and choose “log in”.
  • You will receive an activation code. Make sure you note it down somewhere.
  • Visit the Gaia Activation page on another device.
  • Follow the instructions you see on the screen and key in the code.
  • The confirmation takes not more than 30 seconds and you are done.

Well, irrespective of the device you choose to install your Gaia app, one thing is for sure and it is the fun that you are going to have once you have the app on your portable devices – Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, or Fire TV.


The steps to activate Gaia on various devices are quite similar except for a few differences. In short, you just need to turn on your Roku, Android, Fire TV, or Apple TV and visit the app store of the device – such as App Store for Apple TV and Play Store for Android devices. In the application store, you can look for the Gaia app and begin the installation process. After installing the app on your chosen streaming device, the next step is to launch it on the home screen of your device. You get an activation code which you must save for keying in when required. 

The next step is usually to open the web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and visit the page. On this page, you will be asked to key in the activation code and confirm it. Once the activation process of Gaia is complete, you can enjoy seamless streaming on your chosen device – anytime, anywhere.


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