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We are living in the world of the internet and everything that we do is highly influenced by it. The World Wide Web, or as we popularly call it the internet is the primary source of all our entertainment. And on top of that, lies YouTube, our very own channel for live and recorded video content. YouTube is one of the top platforms to enjoy video content in high-quality. And this post will undoubtedly assist you if you like watching YouTube and are looking for intriguing YouTube channels. Troom Troom, a YouTube channel, will be discussed, as well as how to install Troom Troom on Roku.

What is Troom Troom?

Troom Troom is a Ukrainian YouTube channel that features a variety of DIY crafts videos, pranks, and life tips. Many people assume that Troom Troom executes these terrifying or disturbing pranks for dark or parodic purposes, despite the fact that Troom Troom performs these crafts or pranks with benign intent.

This channel began as a DIY crafts channel in 2015. It is now well-known among viewers since many of the pranks are pretty nasty, such as smuggling food into school or physical pranks on instructors or partners. The films on the channel are dubbed in the appropriate language, such as French on Troom Troom FR, English on Troom Troom, and so on, with the scripts clearly written in Ukrainian and provided to the English-speaking narrator who appears unconcerned by the peculiar wording.

History of the Channel:

On September 12th, 2015, the Troom Troom channel debuted on the YouTube platform. In October 2015, the channel began as an apparently ordinary channel to discover videos on how to perform crafts.

They launched a secondary channel called Troom Troom SELECT on April 19, 2015, as well as a French-language channel called Troom Troom FR, a Portuguese-language channel called Troom Troom PT, a Japanese-language channel called Troom Troom JP, and a German-language channel called Troom Troom DE. On the day of its inception, each channel released a variant of the inaugural Troom Troom video.

Troom Troom retained this fun craft model for the next year or two until it changed into an odd mix of prank videos, unusual D.I.Y’s, crafts, and life hacks in early 2017 when more actors started to appear on the channel. They launched Troom Troom ES, a Spanish channel, on February 5, 2016.

Are There Any Troom Troom Sister Channels?

Troom Troom is a YouTube channel, and in addition to YouTube, it is also accessible on Roku. Troom Troom PT (Portuguese), Troom Troom FR (French), Troom Troom ES (Spanish), Troom Troom JP (Japan), Troom Troom DE (German), and Troom Troom SELECT are some of the sibling channels of Troom Troom.

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How do I Install Troom Troom Channel on Roku Device?

On your Roku device, it’s quite simple to watch funny pranks and do-it-yourself projects. All you have to do now is follow these steps to install the Troom Troom channel.

  • On your Roku remote, tap the “home” button and select “streaming channels.”
  • Use the search column to look for “Troom Troom.”
  • After you’ve found the Troom Troom Channel, choose “add channel” from the drop-down menu.
  • If required, enter your Roku PIN (if one was established during setup) when prompted.
  • After clicking “add channel” a second time, start Troom Troom and you’ll be able to quickly activate Troom Troom Channel on Roku.

What is the best way to Install Troom Troom on Android TV?

Troom Troom is a YouTube channel that you enjoy using the YouTube app for Android TV. You can install Troom Troom on your Android TV in the following way:

  • Launch the YouTube app by pressing the “Home” button on your TV remote.
  • Use your YouTube application’s search box to look for “Troom Troom.”
  • To access the Troom Troom channel, just tap on it.
  • You can view any video posted on Troom Troom Channel after entering the channel.

What is the best way to Install Troom Troom on Apple TV?

The Troom Troom channel is available via the YouTube app, which comes pre-installed on your Apple TV. To view the Troom Troom channel on Apple TV, follow these instructions.

  • Launch the YouTube app by pressing the “Home” button on your Apple TV remote.
  • Use your YouTube application’s search box to look for “Troom Troom.”
  • To access the Troom Troom channel, just tap on it.
  • You will be able to view DIY craft videos posted on Troom Troom Channel after activating the channel.

How do I Watch Troom Troom on my Samsung TV?

Samsung has released a series of Smart TVs that work with Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video, among other services. Here’s how to use the YouTube app to watch Troom Troom on your Samsung TV.

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button on your Samsung TV remote to launch the YouTube app.
  • Use your YouTube application’s search box to look for “Troom Troom.”
  • To access the Troom Troom channel, just tap on it.
  • You’ll be able to stream pranks and DIY craft videos on Troom Troom Channel after you’ve opened it.

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Troom Troom Channel controversies and conspiracies

Troom Troom Channel is well-known, and numerous reviewers mock it for a variety of reasons, including performers’ nasty expressions or awful language, poorly done photoshop pictures, and pointless pranks. The narrator’s language is particularly artificial, as she is often eager to bring out information that the listener certainly already knows by sight, such as when the Blue-Eyed Girl starts shivering, she would say, “The Blue-Eyed Girl is chilly!” Several videos have been termed “Troom Troom rants,” “after watching a Troom Troom video,” or “going to react to Troom Troom,” often in a humorous manner, due to their silliness.

Cristine from Simply Nailogical, as well as YouTuber Danny Gonzalez, have both created Troom Troom-related material on their channels. Jarvis Johnson has produced a number of films on Troom Troom and its contents. DIY YouTuber Brianna Reneé expressed her feelings about Troom Troom, saying that she believes they don’t put enough time into their work and somehow manage to upload more than once a day and still get a lot of views, despite the fact that hardworking DIY YouTubers with great content aren’t getting as many views as they used to. Another YouTuber is known as “trash bish” attempted to expose the Troom Troom channel, and he uncovered two producers whose names are kept hidden, as well as the true identities of a few characters, such as Alevtina Martina, who performed the part of “Blue-eyed girl.”

Sasha was the true name of the girl who played Dolly and Ronda, while Yekaterina Musmova portrayed “Kate” and “Read-head girl.” Another well-known dispute is that the DIY movies created by the girls are a kind of ransom, that the girls are really being kept hostage, or that the page’s owner is not Ukrainian, but a millennial woman who lives in San Francisco.


There are a lot of DIY crafts channels out there, but the Troom Troom channel is a bit different in terms of how it functions. However, if you like witnessing bizarre and horrifying pranks, you should check out some of Troom Troom’s movies and judge for yourself if they are entertaining or not.

We hope that this guide has cleared up any questions or concerns you may have regarding how to install Troom Troom on Roku and that you will have no problems enjoying Troom Troom on your Apple TV or Roku. Also, check out our guide to Activate CTV Network


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