How to Install Udemy on Fire Stick (Easy Steps)

January 31, 2023 Anjali Latwal How To

In this article, I will show you how to install Udemy on Fire Stick via two distinct methods, along with some of the important features that you can avail of. So, stick till the end and see it for yourself.

Udemy is  an educational platform,  provides lectures, courses, and classes. The courses cover everything from digital marketing to computer skills including C, C++, Java, and Python. Both students and professionals can take classes there. It is offered in more than 190 nations and 75 languages. Additionally, Udemy provides Udemy for Business, which features 7,000 training courses on topics including management, design, and office productivity.

If you have a device like firestick at your home, you can definitely use it to watch Udemy courses on it in the best quality as provided by the Firestick. 

Install Udemy on Firestick

How to install Udemy on Firestick via amazon app store

You’ll need the following before you can watch Udemy courses on your Amazon FireStick

  • FireStick from Amazon
  • A functioning Udemy account
  • The FireStick you use should have the Udemy app loaded.

how to install Udemy on Fire Stick? You can install the Udemy app on your FireStick and begin streaming classes by following the instructions below.

  • Go to your Fire TV device’s home screen, click search, and then mouse over the Find option.
Install Udemy on Firestick
  • After entering Udemy, choose it from the list of search results.
  • Click “download” to start the software download and installation process for Udemy.
  • Once Udemy has been downloaded and set up on your smartphone, return to the home screen, launch the app, and log in using your username and password.

How to install Udemy on FireStick by sideloading the APK using the downloader software.

Follow the steps to know how to install Udemy on Fire Stick via sideloading:

  • Start your Firestick device after connecting it to your TV.
  • After choosing Find, click Search.
  • Type “Downloader” into the search bar.
  • From the list of outcomes, choose Downloader, and then press the Get or Download symbol to initiate the download.
  • Go return to the home screen and choose Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps.
  • On an earlier Firestick OS device, click Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > ON to allow applications from unknown sources.)
  • Turn on the Unknown Sources option for the Downloader app by choosing it. After that, your device will support sideloading.
  • Pick the Downloader application. Whether a pop-up box asking if Downloader is allowed access to files on your device appears, choose Allow.
Install Udemy on Firestick
  • Select Delete, then select Delete once more to remove the raw APK file.
  • To choose the Apps category, return to the home screen. There will be an Udemy setup.

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How to install Udemy on Fire Stick: Alternative Method

How to install Udemy on Fire Stick via another way

  • Join the same Wi-Fi network on your Firestick device and smartphone.
  • Launch your Firestick device.
  • Hold down the Home button on your Firestick controller until a new screen displays.
  • When you choose Mirroring from the menu, the name of your Firestick device will appear on the screen.
  • Get your smartphone going.
  • Within the Notifications Panel, click the Cast icon.
  • Your smartphone’s display will reflect the Firestick device you choose.
  • Get the Udemy app from the Google Play Store by opening it.
  • Choose which Udemy videos you want to stream on Firestick.

With Udemy, being a participant in the e-learning sector, you can currently choose from more than 183,000 video courses.

How can I register for an Udemy account?

  • Open your web browser and go to the Udemy website at
  • Click log in on the right side of the screen if you already have an account there. Otherwise, choose to register.
  • Click Sign up after providing your Name, Email, and Password.
  • You will get a confirmation email, so be sure it is a working address.
  • Your Udemy account has now successfully been established.
  • Re-enter Udemy’s website and click on search. Search for any course you’re thinking about taking and check to see whether it’s free or not.

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Udemy app: Overview

Udemy is an educational website that offers lectures, seminars, and courses. Whether at home or on the road, you can study anything at your own pace, from technical programming to artistic photography! Udemy has more than 40 million users and daily new stuff is launched. Whether you want to master Excel formulae or are looking for a quick course on how to make some money writing a blog, there is something on Udemy for everyone.

  • One of Udemy’s highlights is its enormous selection of classes, seminars, and courses.
  • You can access information on the move with an Udemy app for all devices (available in both web and mobile versions)
  • Users can download your course for offline watching or share it with someone else.
  • The bulk of the information is accessible at several ability levels, from beginner to expert, depending on your requirements.
  • The price range is also very affordable at Udemy. An intermediate course on Excel formulas, for instance, only costs $125, while a tutorial on how to earn money blogging may cost as low as $20!

The instructions provided below show you how to install Udemy on a Firestick. For a definitely positive result, we’ll use two tactics. We’ll first install it from the Amazon store before using the downloader app to sideload the Udemy APK file onto the Firestick.

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What you can expect from Udemy on FireStick

There are a few other methods to watch courses on Udemy, but watching them on a Firestick is by far the most interesting. Even if you have a huge PC, the bulk of available TVs, however, have gigantic displays. For the following reasons, some individuals like watching Udemy on their Firestick over other options:

The following is what you can anticipate from Udemy on FireStick:

  • It is easy to observe without the complexity on a bigger screen.
  • You can read any small text if your course teacher projects instructions on a screen.
  • You won’t be able to get as close because of how large the screen is. The eye tiredness brought on by extended computer usage will cease.
  • The primary reason you built your TV was to watch videos. It is handy since switching between videos won’t be a hassle.
  • On Udemy, you can find courses on just about every topic conceivable, including health and wellness.
  • If you want to choose a plan that incorporates exercise or physical activity, watching the films on your TV is the perfect option.
  • With Udemy, learning new skills at your own pace and convenience is reasonable.
  • You can learn anything with only a few clicks, including how to speak Arabic and fold fitted sheets!
  • It is perfect for those who work full-time since you may stop the course to avoid missing deadlines while still enabling you to continue learning.

Final thoughts

A trusted name in online education is Udemy. Users can view their various online courses while traveling thanks to their smartphone app. Think of a time when you’d want to relax at home and read a book with a firestick.

It would be fun to watch your Udemy classes on your TV. Millions of students use the Udemy app to access online courses all around the globe. Luckily, a smart TV and a tablet or smartphone are all you actually need. Once you link the two, you may watch your online lessons just like any other TV show.

We hope the following method helps you quickly install Udemy on a Firestick. That concludes our article regarding how to install Udemy on Fire Stick for today; we appreciate your reading.


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