How to Use Kodi on Nintendo Switch? [2023 Guide]

January 31, 2023 Anjali Latwal Trending

The wait is now over, and you can now use Kodi on Nintendo Switch! Yes, you read it correctly: this article will make your lifelong desire come true. With Kodi, you can watch a limitless number of free movies and TV shows. It is one of the most generally available media player streams, with support for a variety of stream types such as MKV, MP4, and AVI. The Switch is not the only device that users can use; Android smartphones and tablets, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Windows PC/laptops, and Mac laptops/desktops, for example, are also compatible.

Before you use Kodi on Nintendo:

Now that you know more about Kodi, you know that it’s a popular streaming video program that works on a variety of platforms, including Android, Windows, and others. Similarly, with the aid of a jailbreak, you will be able to utilize Kodi on the Nintendo Switch. There are several entertainment-related streaming media services that are available for free. So, since it is extremely easy, utilize Kodi Nintendo Switch now.

We’ll go through how to use Kodi on Nintendo Switch in this guide. Many individuals own a Nintendo system, but they haven’t been able to use it due to a lack of access to Kodi. Availability is now feasible, so let’s start with the processes and other pertinent information!

Kodi: What it is, What it can/can’t do?

Kodi is a free program that you can download from any app store and use to stream movies, TV episodes, sports networks, and other entertainment stuff on your smartphone.

On your device, Kodi is a service that allows you to stream films and TV channels. Users can access a vast range of materials with Kodi. The nicest thing about Kodi is that it has a user-friendly design and is completely free. Kodi is accessible for Android and iOS devices, however, it is not available for the Nintendo Switch platform. If you have a Windows or Mac OS device, you may use the Kodi program without any issues. Despite the fact that this program has multiple add-ons, many users prefer this app to others for viewing their favorite episodes and movies online.

Kodi is a platform and a service that allows you to view various types of videos on your Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, Xbox, and other devices. Previously, Kodi was XBMC, which stands for Xbox Media Center. The Kodi app is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It is available for free and without any strings attached. Premium material, on the other hand, is payable using a variety of payment methods such as Bitcoin or debit cards.

Yes, Kodi isn’t compatible with the Nintendo Switch. However, users can use third-party emulators such as Cemu and NintendonSwitch to install Kodi on the Nintendo Switch.

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How can you download Kodi on Nintendo Switch?

If this is a problem, remember that Kodi was primarily for streaming online content and accessing material from local folders. The installation of Kodi on the Nintendo Switch is simple and takes just a few minutes. The Nintendo Switch does not presently support Kodi. However, by jailbreaking the Nintendo Switch, you can install Kodi.

(NOTE: Before jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch, make a backup of your device’s data and install an antivirus software service.)

What is the process of jailbreaking your Nintendo Switch?

Follow the instructions below to use the Lineage launcher to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch.

  • To install Nx-Hbmenu 2.0, save the zip file to your PC.
Kodi on Nintendo Switch
  • Using a micro-SD card, copy the zip file.
  • Connect the micro-SD card to your Nintendo Switch.
  • On your Nintendo Switch, go to the Settings menu.
Kodi on Nintendo Switch
  • Then, on your Nintendo Switch, go to Connection Settings and manually adjust the DNS Server.
Kodi on Nintendo Switch
  • Enter in the IP Address area on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Restart your Nintendo Switch at this point.

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How can I jailbreak a Nintendo Switch so that I can install Kodi on it?

After using the Lineage launcher to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch, follow the steps below to install Kodi on it. You may jailbreak your Nintendo Switch with the Lineage launcher so that you can utilize Android applications on it.

  • Give your Nintendo Switch permission to access the internet.
  • Launch the Play Store on the Nintendo Switch and look for Kodi there.
  • Go over to the page on your Switch by selecting Kodi.
  • Then, go to the Play Store on your Switch now and choose Install to install Kodi.
  • Give the installation some time to finish. Go to the Switch and launch Kodi after that.

How can I set up Kodi on my Nintendo Switch using the Nintendo e-Shop?

Here’s how to get Kodi from the Nintendo e-Shop without jailbreaking your phone or tablet.

(IMPORTANT: The steps listed below will only function if Kodi is accessible for the Nintendo Switch. It is not accessible right now. It could eventually become available on the Nintendo Switch. After that, try it out by following the instructions above.)

  • Utilize a secure network connection to access your Nintendo Switch.
  • Use the Nintendo e-Shop on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Use your Nintendo Switch to sign in to your Nintendo Account.
  • The Nintendo e-Shop has Kodi available.
  • Go to the Nintendo e-Shop results, and then choose Kodi.
  • Select Download from the menu on your Nintendo Switch to download it.

With the help of Kodi, you can watch both local and web movies freely on your device. On your Nintendo Switch, getting it is likewise not difficult. Additionally, you can read our post to learn more about it. The simplest procedures for installing Kodi on the Nintendo Switch are those described above.


Electronic equipment that we use has certain restrictions. You may still access the ones that are not available to use despite this. You may accomplish it using certain sources, some of which can provide you free access to these services, etc. Additionally, your device could have restrictions on such sources. We utilized Kodi as the source for this instruction. Kodi on the Nintendo Switch is already available to you, and we hope you like it! We appreciate you being here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What exactly is Kodi?

All of your local, network, and internet media are all available in one readily accessible area with Kodi, a free open source (GPL) and cross multimedia center. It is intended to be set up on equipment that is directly linked to your TV or monitor, ideally through HDMI.

What sets Kodi different from other media players?

You can organize all of your media in one place with Kodi. In addition to being able to play a broad range of media types, including video, audio, and images, Kodi also enables you to build libraries of your own material that you can view and explore in a setting with a lot of visual information.
Movies, TV shows, seasons, episodes, music and audiobooks, music videos, live TV and PVR, images, and comic books are all available to watch on Kodi.
Additionally, Kodi includes a huge library of add-ons (plugins) that can be added to expand its functionality. These add-ons let users access videos from a variety of online sources, including YouTube, Netflix, and a plethora of other websites.

Is Kodi a media server that I can use?

There is a built-in UPnP server in Kodi that allows you to broadcast music and video to other devices. Additionally, it can function as a UPnP client to download files from other servers on your local network. Except for the UPnP component, Kodi is not intended to function as a server. A Kodi instance will be set up at each viewing location on the hardware connected to the TV or monitor there.
Whenever Kodi is used regularly, it makes use of a file-sharing protocol like SMB to access local files on your hard drive or from local network storage.

How can I contribute my own home videos to the library?

You can still add titles to your library using NFO files that are scanned into the library if you have titles like home movies that are not available on any of the websites of the information suppliers. There are various templates that you may copy and then edit with your own information.

How can I add fresh menu items?

You can divide and display your movies and TV series individually rather than listing them all in one area. For instance, divide standard movies and TV programs from home videos, documentaries, and sporting events.

Where do I begin with Kodi?

1. Kodi v19.4 Matrix is the latest stable version.
2. To get started, read the First-time user wiki instructions.
3. From the official download site, download and install Kodi.

Can my pals and I play online on my Nintendo Switch? What about regionally?

All kinds of multiplayer gaming choices are supported by Nintendo Switch. Using one system or many systems, you can play together online or in the same space. Sharing pleasure with friends and family is a core emphasis for Nintendo Switch, however specific capabilities like voice chat or split-screen play differ for each game.
Please be aware that until the premium service debuts in 2018, multiplayer online gaming will remain free. Customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico will currently have access to both the free trial period and the premium service. Data fees can be incurred. For multiplayer mode, additional software, hardware, and/or accessories could be needed. Online functions need a Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Not accessible in all nations. Online functions need a working internet connection. has additional terms. Nintendo Switch Online subscription, along with various systems, games, and accessories, are all available separately.

Can I use a Nintendo Switch to access the internet or stream movies?

The Nintendo Switch line of devices is primarily intended as a gaming platform. On the Nintendo e-Shop for the Nintendo Switch, Hulu and YouTube are accessible.

Can I use the Nintendo Switch to earn My Nintendo points?

Yes, there are a variety of methods to gain points, including buying games. These points may subsequently be exchanged for discounts or digital incentives. Visit here right now to sign up for the free My Nintendo rewards program if you haven’t already.

Can I play all Nintendo Switch games on my Nintendo Switch Lite?

The titles in the Nintendo Switch catalog that support portable mode may be played on Nintendo Switch Lite. Players can wirelessly attach suitable controllers (available separately) to Nintendo Switch Lite in order to play titles that do not support portable mode. Users will need a device to recharge their own Joy-Con controllers, such as the Joy-Con Charging Grip if they want to utilize them.
Please consult the product box or Nintendo e-Shop for details on play mode compatibility for individual titles.


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