Connect Gmail to Notion Workspace

How to Connect Gmail and Google Sheets to Notion Workspace using Apps Script?

August 6, 2021 Twinkle Kapoor   How To

In this article, learn how to use the Notion API with Apps Script to connect Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Forms to your Notion workspace. Notion is a globally used, all-time favorite tool for storing everything from web pages to code snippets to recipes, has gotten better. They have published a public API, so it will […]

iPhone accessories

Level up your iPhone in 2022 with Top 10 Accessories Available in the Market

August 1, 2021 Staff Writer   Gadgets

If you have an iPhone and truly explored all the extra features that come with it, you would understand that you are not using your phone to its full advantage. To do that, you can take advantage of many different kinds of accessories available in the market for iPhones. Some of you may be wondering […]

Israel Iron Dome

Iron Dome Explained: The Invisible Shield of the Air Defense System

July 31, 2021 Staff Writer   Gadgets, Trending

A portion of the most noticeably awful brutality found in years of Israel vs Gaza has prompted emotional pictures of a conflict across the district’s skies. In the contention between Israel vs Palestine, the two sides have taken to airstrikes and rocket assaults. Recordings via online media of the Gaza strip dispute showed rockets terminated from Gaza being blocked by […]

foodnetwork com activate

Smart Food Shows Streaming with Food Network Activation | Activate Food Network on Roku

July 29, 2021 Staff Writer   How To

Are you looking for a place to improve your cooking skills? Have some guests coming over? Or do you want to try your hand at new recipes? If you are someone who struggles with figuring out what to cook, this place is for you. From lip-smacking Hawaiian pizza to delightful chocolate cookies, Food Network has […]

Best Smartphones 2021

Best Smartphones in 2021-2022 with unique features

July 25, 2021 Staff Writer   Gadgets

Who does not like to use new features of smartphones and upgrade them from time to time? Well, staying updated with the incoming trend is an important part of our daily digital life! Nowadays, smartphones are an indispensable part of our life due to their extensive features. However, in order to enjoy these features, you […]

best Healthcare gadgets 2021

The Ultimate Health Tech Gadgets to Own in 2021-2022

July 20, 2021 Staff Writer   Gadgets

2020 has shown how tracking your health can be of great importance to your overall well-being. Technology is making it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle and protect yourself against diseases and strange viruses spreading worldwide like wildfire. In this industry, there are legit gadgets while there are gadgets just made to make some quick […]

Elon's tweet for dogecoin

Dogecoin Gushes on Elon’s Tweet as the Crypto Roller-Coaster Continues

June 10, 2021 Staff Writer   Trending

What is Dogecoin? Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2013 by engineers Jackson Palmer and BillyMarkus. It was created as a joke making fun of the wild speculation in the crypto space at thetime. It features the face of the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge “ meme as its logo. The coin […]

Best Camera of 2021

Top digital camera bargains of 2022: Best Camera (DSLR) Review

June 10, 2021 Staff Writer   Gadgets

Always thought of photography as something out of your budget? Well, the cutting-edge cameras and exquisite equipment are surely costlier, but there are cheap options too. If photography is your true passion, there’s no reason to give it up just because of the budget. There are ample great digital camera options available that wouldn’t make […]

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