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April 11, 2022 Anjali Latwal Trending

Snapchat’s update of allowing the user to view the subscriber count is a significant move. Oh! You had no idea, but now you have. It’s finally here! Until recently, Snapchat’s content has been centered on the present instant and people’s personal lives, giving it a very in-the-now feel. It has, however, evolved over time to incorporate more business-oriented accounts, which need a mechanism to display how many followers they have. This article, on the other hand, is about Snapchat’s new feature to Show Subscriber Count on Snapchat.

The Snapchat app has received a minor but helpful upgrade. When you search for your favorite “Snap Stars,” you’ll now be able to see who has the most followers, which will appear at the top of the search results, according to our sources. It looks to be trickling out on iOS and Android in stages. The firm is calling it a competition… let’s make sure we keep the award for Snapchat Subscriber Count! But, first and foremost, how can you display the number of Snapchat subscribers? We’ll go through why Snapchat implemented the subscriber count and how to turn it on in this article. To learn more, keep reading.

Learn Everything There Is to Know About Snapchat’s New Update

Snapchat is beginning to offer users everything they desire, including the ability to show others how many followers they have. Users could only check how many followers they had before, but they couldn’t display them on their profiles. That is changing though, as the social media site officially enables stars to reveal their subscription count.

For the time being, the subscription count will be shown while searching for Snap Star profiles (profiles marked with a black star inside a yellow circle). If the account has chosen to enable public viewing, you can see it on their profile page beneath their username, along with the option to subscribe to them.

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Why is Snapchat offering a subscriber count feature?

Users can provide a public subscriber count on their Snap profile. With the launch in April, the company revealed figures indicating that over 3.5 million community-created pictures were being uploaded every day. The update was built in response to a suggestion from the company’s creator community, which routinely asks how they can alert their audience when their community grows. In other words, boosting the trustworthiness and reliability of Snapchat’s user base so that businesses and marketers can sell themselves. The following are the main reasons behind Snapchat’s subscriber count feature:

  • Snapchatters, influencers, and other celebrities can now see how many people have subscribed to their accounts on the platform. The number of followers or other sorts of followers is now shown publicly beneath the username with the latest version. Everyone will be able to use the new function, which will be accessible in both iOS and Android versions.
  • Snapchat’s decision to provide a public subscriber count seems to have been influenced by its creative community. As they wanted a means to alert their fans that their community was expanding, according to Snapchat. Influencers and businesses will profit from the change since they will be able to access sponsorship and partnership opportunities based on their audience size.
  • Because brands know how many followers popular accounts have, they can now rapidly look for which influencer accounts to contact for better advertising and negotiate more effectively. In order to build their following base, influencers on both sides can profit monetarily through sponsored content and ads.
  • Influencers and media accounts with a publicly visible subscriber count have a higher chance of obtaining new fans. It is a proven psychological fact that individuals are more likely to interact with you if you have a high following which influences the number of followers you have.
  • The same is true for businesses. Having more followers indicates that your store is a favorite among the people, giving prospective customers a reason to purchase from you. If a firm has fewer followers or does not disclose its follower base, it will convey the impression that they are not worth following.

Snapchat’s Eligibility for Displaying Subscriber Count:

As we previously reported, Snapchat has secretly begun to display the number of individuals who have subscribed to their service. Snapchat is introducing a new statistic for content producers to demonstrate the amount of their audience on the platform. The service is being rolled out “in cooperation” with Cheetah Mobile, according to the business. It’s a social media influencer marketing firm that connects companies with content providers. It’s unclear if Snapchat would display subscriber figures across the whole platform or simply on individual profiles.

Only persons or companies with a public Snapchat profile have the option to activate subscriber count. You must currently have a Creator Profile, which you can easily enable if you are a Snapchat Lens Creator or a prominent figure.

Meanwhile, in the not-too-distant future, public profiles will most likely be accessible to all users globally. As a result, anybody who desires to publish subscription data on their profile will be able to do so in the coming months. Users with public profiles will be able to offer a description of themselves in addition to their follower count. Other people can view your email address, location, website, and other information.

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How to make your Snapchat profile’s Subscriber Count visible?

The new ‘Subscriber count’ option is only available to public Snapchat accounts. If you already have a public profile, you can activate the subscriber count so that others can see how many followers you have.

  • Open the Snapchat app and go to the Edit Profile tab to do so.
  • Simply choose your Public Profile card from the ‘Profile Management section of the ‘My Profile’ page.
  • On the next screen, touch ‘Edit’ after selecting the Bitmoji or Story icon at the top.
  • You’ve just arrived at the ‘Edit Profile page, where you’ll see a new option named ‘Show Subscriber Count.’
  • To make your subscription count accessible to anybody who looks at your profile, just enable the ‘Show Subscriber Count’ option in the ‘Show Subscriber Count’ menu.

How to Increase the Number of your Snapchat Subscribers?

Do you want to be the next Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian by being Snapchat’s most popular person? Then follow these steps to expand your subscriber base:

  • Make your own Snapchat lenses if you want to be more creative: The first step is to create one-of-a-kind lenses. It’s one of Snapchat’s most well-known features, and they’re always looking for new Lenses to add. Go to the Lens Studio to start your journey to the Subscribe button.
  • Create and share a lot of stuff on a consistent basis: Another option is to get a Subscribe badge and a Creator profile. This is especially true if you create a lot of material and distribute it to as many people as possible. When you make an effort to create new and exciting content, Snapchat detects and rewards you.
  • Be active on the platform: One of the most important steps towards increasing your subscriber count is to remain active on the platform. You should engage with your audience by replying to their messages via your stories or personal messages. This helps you gain more and more subscribers and a loyal fan base.


These are some of the steps that you can follow to increase your subscriber count on Snapchat. Snapchat is an amazing platform that enables you to be creative and interact easily with your followers. We hope that through our guide you can are now easily able to do so. iPhone users Level up your iPhone in 2022 with the Top 10 iPhone Accessories Available in the Market


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