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September 14, 2022 Madhuri Patoju Streaming Services

Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K users may now download the Sky Go application. For years, millions of UK Sky subscribers have been breathlessly awaiting this. Sky is the biggest premium TV provider in the UK (parent company Comcast, which also launched the same tvOS Xfinity Stream app in the US last month). By broadcasting live channels via the internet at home and (as the name indicates) on the move, the Sky Go app now makes it possible to use the Apple TV without a cable box. Up until now, Sky Go has only been accessible through Apple’s iPhone and iPad mobile devices. In this article you will learn how to watch Sky Go on Apple TV.

What content is accessible with Apple TV and Sky Go?

Your Sky TV subscription determines what you can view on Sky Go. The variety of content available on Sky Go is enormous because there are several Sky TV packages available that combine some of Sky’s top add-ons for a low cost. Having said that, Sky Go is accessible to all Sky TV subscribers and is a part of the entry-level Sky TV bundle, which costs about £25 per month. You will receive Sky TV channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky One, MTV, and Comedy Central as part of this bundle. Sky Originals is available to all Sky TV users.

Install Sky Go on an Apple TV: 

  • Make sure to upgrade your Apple TV firmware to the most recent version before installing the app.
  • Start up your Apple TV and establish a WiFi connection.
  • Click the App Store icon after finding it on the screen.
  • Go to the search icon and type in “Sky Go” to find the app.
  • Click the Get icon after choosing Sky Go.
  • Wait for the Apple TV to install the program.
  • Launch the application, then enter your login information (Sky ID and password).
  • Select “Sign in” by clicking.
  • On your Apple streaming device, start streaming the Sky Go content.

How to AirPlay Sky Go from iPhone to Apple TV? 

  • First, join a WiFi network using your Apple TV. Conversely, join the same network with your iPhone.
  • On your iPhone, open the Sky Go app, and make sure you log in.
  • Use the Sky Go app to choose and play a movie.
  • On the media player, click the AirPlay symbol. Check that Apple TV’s AirPlay feature is turn on (Settings AirPlay and HomeKit Turn on AirpPlay)
  • From the list of neighboring devices, pick your Apple TV name.
  • The content is now immediately playable on your Apple TV.

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Watch Sky Go on Apple TV from Mac using AirPlay: 

  • Check to see if your Mac and Apple TV are on the same WiFi network.
  • Select the AirPlay icon on your Mac’s menu bar. 
  • The available device list will show up.
  • Identify your Apple TV. On an Apple TV-connected TV, your Mac’s screen will be mirrored.
  • Open the browser now and go to the Sky Go website. 
  • Select the option for signing in.
  • Put your username and password in the login box.
Sky Go on Apple TV
Sky Go login
  • Play the video you want to watch right now.

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Sky Go on Apple TV gives you Sky Atlantic, Sky One, MTV, and Comedy Central. Sky Originals is also available to stream on Apple TV. We have mentioned four different ways to watch Sky Go on Apple TV. you can use any of those methods according to your convience. Hopeyou enjoy this article. If you wanna share your feedback you can use the comments section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sky Go be mirrored on Apple TV?

Yes. Screen mirroring programs from third parties can be used to screen mirror Sky Go on tvOS devices from an Android handset. However, since the software is available in its native form on the App Store, screen mirroring is not necessary.

How can I use my TV to access Sky Go?

Yes you can get access to sky Go on your TV. You will need to purchase a second Chromecast device (Chromecast 3 or Chromecast Ultra) and plug it into your Smart TV in order to stream the Sky Go content if your Smart TV’s built-in Chromecast isn’t recognized by the Cast symbol while using the Sky Go app.

Can I use Sky Go with airplay?

Airplay is supported by Sky Go from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac browser extension. Sky Go is compatible with Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, the most recent models. In the lower right corner of the Sky Go video controls, click the Airplay icon.

Why can’t I access Sky Go on my Apple TV?

The Sky Q Multiscreen and Sky Glass Whole Home users can use the Go app to view content included in a Sky Cinema or Sky Sports package, however the app cannot be used to stream video on Apple TV if the Sky Go account subscription was purchased as an add-on purchase for a mobile device.


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