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April 25, 2022 Anjali Latwal How To

Enter a world where fiction and reality combine together, and Light Yagami threatens everyone. From the creators of Attack on Titan, Bleach, and Cowboy Bebop comes a mind-blowing thriller that will have you glued to your television for hours. Enjoy all 12 episodes of the original series, which will fascinate and surprise you from beginning to finish. Welcome to our simple guide that will help you stream Death Note on your Roku streaming device.

With these step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to watch Death Note on Roku in no time. Death Note is coming to Roku six years after it first aired on Netflix. This anime will feature a high school boy who discovers a mysterious notebook that permits him to murder anybody whose name he puts in it. The show has amassed such a large following that it was remade. It stars Nat Wolff, Margaret Qualley, and Keith Stanfield and is directed by Adam Wingard.

Why should you watch Death Note? – The Entire Story

Light Yagami is a brilliant student with bright future possibilities – yet he’s bored to death. When he discovers the Death Note, a journal left by a renegade Shinigami death god, everything changes. Any person whose name is inscribed inside the pages of this extraordinary notebook will die, he finds. To put it another way, anybody whose name is written in the notebook dies, and Light has promised to utilize the Death Note’s power to rid the world of evil.

With his newfound abilities, he has control over life and death in the world around him, and he starts to abuse his power without concern for moral or legal implications. When criminals begin to die, the authorities recruit the services of renowned detective L to track out the killer. Will Light lose sight of his noble goal or his life with L on his tail? You can find it out by streaming Death Note on your device.

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How to stream Death Note on Roku streaming devices?

You can stream all of the episodes from the very first season of the TV program Death Note using your Roku. If you’ve ever wondered how Death Note might look in your living room, now’s your opportunity to find out. The series will be available on Roku devices if you complete the procedures below using the following subscription sites.


You must have a Netflix subscription to watch Death Note on Roku in HD. Also, if you like movies and television series as much as you enjoy the big screen, you’re in luck! Netflix is the most popular online entertainment service in the world. Netflix users get unlimited access to a library of thousands of films, both new and old, from Hollywood, Bollywood, and beyond, at no additional cost.

Amazon Video (Amazon Prime Video)

Install the Prime Video app on your Roku device. For $1.99 for each episode, you can get a whole season. Begin your free one-month trial of Prime Video. On compatible TV devices such as smart TVs, streaming media players, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and more, watch films bought or rented from, as well as popular movies and TV series, including award-winning Amazon Originals like The Tick, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Death Note.


VUDU is a free Roku application that lets you stream SD movies. This is unlike any other film you’ve ever seen. Forget about dull, bleak reboots. Cult masterpieces, outstanding indie films, and the old favorites that kick off every wonderful movie night are all available on Vudu. Their whole collection is also available to stream for free. It’s quick, easy, and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. To watch Death Note on Roku, get the free app now.


Install the Hulu app on your Roku device. There is an SD version available, but it requires a subscription. So, how’s it going? It’s like having all of your favorite programs — as well as some brand-new ones — on the city’s largest, most interesting TV aisle. Everything is available on Hulu, and we can’t wait to teach you how to use it. So, take a seat and get ready. You’ve got a lot of reading to accomplish and a lot of streaming to watch! – Have you seen anything amusing? Clips can be saved for later viewing or sharing with friends. So, if you’re searching for a new show to binge-watch right now, Hulu is the place to go. Choose from a plethora of hand-picked options, including oldies, hot new programs, and much more.

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Tubi TV

On your Roku device, download the Tubi – Free Movies & TV app for free and enjoy shows in high definition. Death Note on Roku is compatible with Tubi TV and can be streamed easily. Play the video and view it whenever you want. Tubi is the world’s biggest free ad-supported streaming video app! There’s always something good to watch with 20,000 movies, TV programs, independent films, and documentaries. From movie office smashes to highly acclaimed television shows to international film masterpieces, there’s something for everyone. Tubi provides something to suit everyone’s tastes, including award-winning films that aren’t available anywhere else.

Pluto Television

Install the Pluto TV – It’s a free TV app on your Roku device for free HD watching. Switch to Pluto TV instead of paying for cable. On your TV, mobile device, or computer, Pluto TV allows you to view a wide range of free Internet entertainment. When you can watch for free, why pay for cable? Pluto is a free 5-minute TV service with over 250 channels, including Schitt’s Creek, Chicago PD, Heroes Reborn, and more! There are no commitments or credit cards necessary!

How to watch Death Note on Roku?

To stream Death Note on your Roku device, follow the instructions below:

  • Install the Roku Channel app on your Roku device
  • Then, go to the Roku Channel Store
  • Death Note is available for free on The Roku Channel.

Your Roku player isn’t only for watching movies. It’s also your pass to The Roku Channel, which features the world’s most fascinating videos. The Roku Channel offers it all, whether you’re into music, viral videos, or sports. Go to your Roku and turn it on. Make sure your device and your Roku TV are both on the same Roku account. Look for The Roku Channel on Roku. Add a new channel by selecting it. The Roku Channel will now appear on your home screen.

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We hope that you enjoyed our article and the information you found on this page. Roku is a great way to watch Death Note.


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