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October 16, 2022 Anjali Latwal Streaming Services

How to watch Showtime on Amazon Fire Stick? The well-known TV network SHOWTIME offers a premium streaming service called SHOWTIME on FIRESTICK. The site offers new blockbusters, box office hits, comedy specials, mixed martial arts, boxing, and more. CBS Interactive, Inc. distributes it. It offers a large selection of material at your fingertips on your smartphone, but you can only download it as part of a membership, and it is not free to download. In this guide, you can learn Is Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire Stick? How to stream SHOWTIME on Firestick and what steps to follow for SHOWTIME anytime com activate on Firestick with simple and easy steps.

Stream SHOWTIME on Firestick

You get access to hundreds of movies and TV series on the SHOWTIME app, including original programming. One of the top networks in the nation, it provides premium programming at a reasonable cost since there is no yearly subscription. The monthly rate for the membership is $11.99, or $104.88 annually.

What distinguishes Showtime from Showtime Anytime?

You have landed on this article because you want to get SHOWTIME Anytime com Activate on Firestick. But before that, you need to know the difference between Showtime and Showtime Anytime. Since it is a subscription-based service, you don’t need a cable TV membership. Originally a cable TV channel, SHOWTIME now has a mobile app and a streaming device.

  • There are both TV provider-based and subscription-based streaming options available.
  • Showtime is a subscription-based app. The Showtime website is where you must make your membership purchase.
  • It costs $10.99 per month after a 7-day free trial.
  • On the other side, Showtime Anytime is a TV anywhere app. You’ll need your TV provider’s login information to use the app.
  • To use the Showtime Anytime app, no membership is required. Both applications give the exact same material.
  • Let’s dive into How to watch Showtime on Amazon Fire Stick?

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Is Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire stick?

“Is Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire Stick?” you may be wondering. Put an end to your wonder. Yes! Showtime Anytime is on Amazon Firestick. Get instant and unlimited access to award-winning SHOWTIME Anytime original series in USA, must-see movies, breakthrough documentaries, belly-achingly funny comedy specials, hard-hitting sports, and much more. On your TV, tablet, phone, or computer, you can watch live TV or catch up on-demand. You may also download entire episodes and movies and stream them whenever you choose.

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How can I add and activate SHOWTIME on Firestick?

How to watch Showtime on Amazon Fire Stick? Quick Start Guidelines for SHOWTIME on Firestick in USA: Enter SHOWTIME in the search box on the Fire TV home screen by selecting the Find menu, followed by the Search tile. Click Get, then Open after choosing the app.

  • When you power on your Firestick, be patient until the home screen shows up.
Stream SHOWTIME on Firestick
  • Go to the Find menu and click on the Search tile to choose it. The on-screen keyboard will start to appear.
Stream SHOWTIME on Firestick
  • In the search box, enter SHOWTIME or SHOWTIME Anytime.
  • Select the desired app from the Apps & Games category.
  • Go to the next page and click the Get or Download button to download the app.
  • After downloading the SHOWTIME or SHOWTIME Anytime app, choose the Open icon to launch it.

On a Firestick-compatible TV, you can watch all of your favorite films, TV shows, documentaries, and episodes thanks to Showtime, a standalone streaming service. It is one of the best readily accessible low-cost streaming providers. Grab your chance to obtain the Showtime Firestick app by following the instructions above.

“Is Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire Stick” Yes! you can stream it on amazon Firestick. Check out the guide mentioned below. How to watch Showtime on Amazon Fire Stick?

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SHOWTIME anytime com activate on Firestick

Due to the fact that it is a subscription-based service, the SHOWTIME Anytime app does not need to be activated. That means you can enjoy this app without SHOWTIME Anytime com Activate on Firestick. To log in to SHOWTIME on Firestick, use your registered account. You must first activate SHOWTIME Anytime on the internet in order to use it on Firestick in USA. For this to happen,

  • On your Firestick, launch the SHOWTIME Anytime application.
  • Click the Activate button on the app.
  • A display of the activation code will appear.
  • Navigate to the SHOWTIME Anytime activation page on your PC or smartphone.
  • Visit to access the official Showtime Anytime activation page.
Stream SHOWTIME on Firestick
  • After typing the activation code in the appropriate field, click the Submit button.
  • Once it has been turned on, you will get a success notice. Following that, your Firestick will display the information from your SHOWTIME Anytime app.
  • Finally, you can start streaming your preferred material whenever and wherever you want!

That’s How to watch Showtime on Amazon Fire Stick? Now, how to use on Firestick Show Time

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How to Use a Firestick to Stream SHOWTIME using an alternate method?

You saw the process for SHOWTIME Anytime com Activate on Firestick. Let’s look at some alternative streaming options right now. The Amazon website offers SHOWTIME for Fire TV for download.

  • Open your preferred web browser on your phone or computer.
  • Enter the login details for your Amazon account to access your Fire TV.
  • Search for SHOWTIME by entering it into the search box.
  • Pick the SHOWTIME app from the search results when you get there.
  • By clicking the Get button, you may start the download to your Fire TV.
  • SHOWTIME will be shown when you reload the Fire TV screen.

When setting up SHOWTIME or SHOWTIME Anytime, this is all there is to it. By turning on the SHOWTIME Anytime app, you can watch all of the latest films and original television shows in the USA. I hope you found the answers to your questions regarding “Is Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire Stick?” If not, please go to the preceding section.

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How can I easily cancel my Showtime subscription?

You can access SHOWTIME Anytime and SHOWTIME Anytime com Activate on Firestick for free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. You can use your Amazon Prime subscription to access SHOWTIME Anytime on your Firestick. Visit the SHOWTIME Anytime website at to activate the app.

To watch PPV on your Firestick, download the SHOWTIME on Firestick and sign up for the SHOWTIME Bundle. There is a free trial period, after which you must pay $10.99 per month for a membership. Visit to find out more about upcoming PPV events. To cancel your membership, go to Amazon App Store, open the menu, choose Subscriptions, choose SHOWTIME, and then click Terminate Subscription.

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Final Thoughts:

That’s How to watch Showtime on Amazon Fire Stick? Users in the USA can access the subscription-based streaming service Showtime. It features unique and vintage premium materials. You can view this app directly on your TV if you have a Firestick TV subscription. Is Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes! It is and you can use it to stream the newest films, original films and television shows, comedy specials, boxing matches, and mixed martial arts fights. Due to its inclusion of all genres, it is the best app for finding all the most popular material. The SHOWTIME Anytime app is available for free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. We hoped you will enjoy reading about how to stream SHOWTIME on a Firestick and Guide to SHOWTIME Anytime com Activate on Firestick.


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