How to activate your Milestone Credit Card along with its key highlights and benefits

January 15, 2023 Deepali Bhatia Banking

In this article, I will resolve your question regarding how you can activate your Milestone Credit card along with some of the key highlights of the card

What is the Milestone Credit Card

It takes a lot of work to build credit. You could have limited options if you don’t have any credit history or are rebuilding after your credit score dropped because many lenders would be hesitant to provide you with a credit card or personal loan.

For those with bad credit, there is the Milestone Mastercard. It could appear to be a wise choice at first. As an unsecured credit card, it won’t need a security deposit, which is advantageous for those who might find it difficult to come up with the required minimum deposit (which is normally around $200). It also reports your card activity to the three major credit agencies, so if you use your card responsibly, your credit score might go up.

The card’s variable annual fees are only one of its many annoying features. There are various versions of this card, and barring pre-qualification, you won’t know which one you’re qualified for until after you’ve applied. Your credit usage ratio will be immediately increased by the recurring annual cost, which runs from $35 to $99, making it more challenging to build good credit. The maximum yearly charge (for individuals with the weakest credit) for the Milestone® Mastercard® is more than 25% of the $300 credit line.

Some of the key highlights of the Milestone Credit Card

Before you activate your Milestone Credit Card it is better that you are equipped with some of the fundamentals of the card that will come in handy to you later on.

Prequalification for the card

Your credit scores won’t be impacted if you apply for prequalification for the Milestone® Mastercard. Prequalification does not guarantee approval, but it can assist you in determining if it is worthwhile to submit a formal application for the card. If you do apply fully for the card, there will probably be a hard inquiry made on your credit reports. A challenging question might momentarily affect your grades.

Rates and Fees

All three of the Milestone Mastercard’s card options have an ongoing APR of 24.90 percent and a cash advance APR of 29.90 percent. Due to the extremely high-interest rates on this card, it is especially crucial to practice excellent financial habits like paying off your debt in full each month and avoiding cash advances.

The annual price for the Milestone Mastercard can range from $35 to $99 ($75 the first year if you qualify for the $99 fee), and when you have terrible credit, any fee is a deterrent to developing good credit habits.


There is no doubt that the standard APR is not cheap. According to WalletHub’s most recent Credit Card Landscape Report, neither the average APR of 20.16% for all new credit card offers nor the average APR of 19.74% for secured cards give a useful basis for comparison. But you must keep in mind that the Milestone® is up against the market’s highest APRs. According to WalletHub data, the average for this specialized market is really 26.97%, which casts a more favorable light on this Milestone Mastercard.

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Benefits of the Milestone Credit Card

  • No security deposit is necessary, which is typically only asked of people with good credit.
  • Reports to each of the three credit bureaus, which might aid in the development of your credit history
  • Prequalifying takes little time and has no negative effects on your credit, making it simpler to compare offers and look for the best credit card.
  • Zero liability fraud protection for any unlawful purchases made using lost or stolen cards is one of the standard Mastercard advantages. 
  • Additionally, they provide identity monitoring services to cardholders, safeguarding your Social Security number, email addresses, account login details, credit and debit cards, and bank accounts.

How do I activate my Milestone Card?

There are two ways via which you can activate your Milestone Credit Card. The first is online and the second one is by phone.

Activating the Milestone Credit Card via online

Log into your online account, click the “Activate Your Card” link, and then follow the on-screen instructions to activate your card online. On the login screen, you can create an online account if you haven’t already. You must provide your card number, birth date, and Social Security number in order to create an online account (SSN).

Activating the Milestone Credit card via phone

Call (800) 305-0330 to activate your Milestone Credit Card over the phone. To connect with a representative, enter your Social Security Number and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: As soon as you have your Milestone Credit Card—usually 14 business days after you were approved—you should activate it. The card must be activated before it may be used.

Call Milestone’s lost/stolen card service at (800) 314-6340 if you haven’t received your card after 21 business days. If the card is not activated after 21 days and you have not reported it lost or stolen, Milestone may cancel the account.

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How to sign up for the Milestone Credit Card

You need to activate your Milestone Credit Card as soon as you get it, which should happen 14 business days after your application was accepted. Prior to use, the card must be activated.

  • If you haven’t received your card after 21 business days, call Milestone’s lost/stolen card support at (800) 314-6340. After 21 days, if the card has not been activated and you have not reported it lost or stolen, Milestone has the right to close the account.
  • Then click the Register button that is located in the page’s upper right corner.
  • You will be taken to the MyMilestoneCard registration page after clicking.
  • Please enter your Account Number, Birthdate, and Social Security Number after that.
  • Next, click the Next button
  • You can successfully register your practice card by clicking.

How to log in to the Milestone Credit card account

  • Go to the front page of the official website,, first.
  • Login for a milestone card.
  • The Username and Password columns must then be filled up with the correct information in accordance with the columns.
  • To access your account, simply click the blue login icon.


If you wish to work on improving your credit history and have less-than-perfect credit, the Milestone Mastercard can be an excellent choice. But if you search, you might be able to find another credit-building card with lower fees or a bigger credit limit. When it comes to activating my Milestone Credit card make sure that you follow the steps carefully as a slight mistake will prevent it from being activated. Hope you find this guide helpful.


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