Activate your Navy Federal Credit Union Credit and Debit card

December 5, 2022 Ritik Rawat Banking

Activate Navy Federal Card: Over the years, financial institutions have become more diverse in their activities. Many of these have become infatuated with the defense staff as the foundation for this financial system. One such financial institution that caters to the needs of veterans, army, navy, airforce, marine corps, coast guard, space force, DOD contractors, and immediate family members who qualify the criteria is none other than Navy Federal Credit Union that is essentially a Union credit akin to a retail bank in terms of that services that are provided. The company is the largest credit union in the entire nation, suggested by its 149.6 billion dollars worth of assets. This article will dispel all your doubts regarding how you can activate your Navy Federal Union Card.

For the sake of this article, we will be limiting ourselves to credit cards and debit cards only. The exclusiveness of the card is the harbinger for some unique features consisting of no balance transfer fees, no foreign transaction fees, and everlasting rewards. 

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How to Activate Navy Federal Card: Debit Union Card

 Activate Navy Federal Card: You can easily activate your debit card via the Navy Federal Union Credit app, or online, or through a simple call.

  • We already assume that you are already a Navy Federal Credit Union member and have access to an online account. If you don’t have an online account then head to from where you can avail of the membership. 
  • After you have signed in, you have to select ‘account services’.
  • Next, you may have to enter some basic card details. So, keep your card in your hand after you have received it.
  • After entering the details, select activate and it should be activated shortly. The notification for the activation will reach you via email.

Activating Navy Federal Union Debit Card via phone

  • You just have to dial the number 1-800-531-9561 after which your call will be directed to the company representative who will ask for some basic details.
  • Once verified, you will be able to get your debit card activated.

Activating Navy Federal Union Debit Card via app

  • You will first, have to install the Navy Federal mobile app available for both iOS and Android. Then, choose the checking account that is associated with your debit card and then select ‘manage card’.
  • After this, select ‘activate card’ lying under ‘card management’

Now, let’s have a discussion on How to activate Navy Federal Credit Union Credit Card and How do I activate my Navy Federal Visa Gift Card

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How to activate Navy Federal Credit Union Credit Card

We already assume that you have received your credit card. In order to activate your Navy Federal Credit Union credit card, you will have to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, sign in to your digital banking account.
  • Then select your credit card.
  • You will now be required to give out some basic details including your name and the last 4 digits of your CVV number. You may also be asked for your SSN.
  • After following a few more prompts your card will be activated. Most of the time the activation instructions will be there on the sticker of your card.

You can also Activate Navy Federal Card via phone you will have to call on the same number as you did above that is, 1-800-531-9561 and after a few inquiries, your credit card will be activated via phone.

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Check out the FAQs section to know how do I Activate my Navy Federal Visa Gift Card?


Navy Federal Union Credit is undeniably a prolific option for those belonging to non-civilian categories. Along with the enticing features, they have also tried to keep the activation process of their financial instruments, credit cards, and debit cards as easy as possible. With this Navy Federal Union card activation guide you can apply the whole activation process to any debit or credit card. They are almost similar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the Navy Federal gift card balance

The initial value is printed on the front of the gift card if it was ordered online and personalised with a name. The initial value may be found in the materials that came with your card if you bought a generic card from a branch. 

Visit, type your username in the “Username” section, and click “Sign In” to check your amount online. Please be aware that you must choose “Need Username?” in the “Username” area if you have not yet generated a username for your gift card.

 Call 1-866-262-7438 to check the balance if you’d like. Keep your Navy Federal Gift Card close at hand.

Are Navy Federal Gift Cards relodable?

No, not all Navy Federal Gift Cards are relodable. However, there is one which is indeed relodable and that is Navy Federal GO Prepaid card. It can be used at millions of establishments globally that accept Visa Debit Cards. You can add money at any time using your Navy Federal Debit Card or Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard® only) via the mobile app, online, or over the phone. On the Navy Federal GO Prepaid App or online, you can examine Visa GO Prepaid Card transactions and check the card balance.

How do I Activate my Navy Federal Visa Gift Card

When your Navy Federal Gift Card arrives in mail, it would carry a sticker that would have the phone number that you need to activate your gift card.

You must enter the card’s account number and card verification number (or CVN) into the phone’s keyboard in order to activate your card over the phone.
Three numbers make up the CVN, which is typically printed on the back of the card.

That’s it about how do I Activate my Navy Federal Visa Gift card.


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