How Long does it Take to Beat Eastward and Fix Crashes issue in Eastward

September 28, 2022 Kunal Kumar How To

Eastward is the next indie RPG from producer Chucklefish, who also publishes Stardew Valley. It has been shaking up the indie scene, as you could expect from such a renowned team. PixPil’s first development attempt has taken the tired setting of the apocalypse and given it an admittedly fantastic new lick of paint. It has a great tale and incredible visual flair – see our Eastward review for more on that – and it manages all of this without breaking the pocketbook. But the question is, Eastward how long to beat? And Eastward how many chapters? Let us look into it.

About Eastward

Eastward is a Chucklefish-published indie action-adventure role-playing video game created by Pixpil. It was published on the Nintendo Switch, MacOS, and Microsoft Windows on September 16, 2021.

Sam and John are the protagonists of the narrative. The two are raised in an underground mining town where they are trained to be afraid of the outer world. Sam has a strong desire to learn about the outside world, so the two of them are exiled to the world above.

According to review aggregate Metacritic, Eastward garnered “generally positive reviews.”

The game’s tribute to traditional JRPGs was also praised by several critics. Eastward has been touted as a game that pays homage to The Legend of Zelda, EarthBound, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy. In addition, the game makes a reference to Studio Ghibli. “Eastward isn’t shy about its influences,” Carpenter said, “Chinese developer Pixpil has meticulously gathered inspiration from all kinds of media and merged it into a pixel art role-playing game that’s yet, somehow, indisputably unique.”

Wondering Eastward how long to beat? And Eastward how many chapters? Let’s find out

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Eastward how long to beat?

How long does Eastward last? Eastward how long to beat? Around 30 hours, give or take. That is, if you concentrate on the primary story. Eastward doesn’t feature side quests, but there’s a lot of exploring to do, people to talk to, and Eastward weapons to upgrade, so it’s easy to lose track of time. Earth Born is a full-fledged game within a game. It’s easy to lose track of time playing this retro metagame, so if you want to do everything, your playtime might easily increase to 40 hours or more. There’s a lot of games to be had when you consider the £20/$25 price range.

Eastward how many chapters? 

Eastward how many chapters? Eastward is structured into chapters, dividing the story into much more manageable bits. After all, it’s a long game. They also display you how far you are in the game, but only if you know how long the game is and how many Eastward chapters there are.

Eastward is divided between a prologue and eight chapters. They’re all different lengths, of course, especially if you’re the roaming type, but they’re mostly the same. Don’t worry about it being too much; you’ll get through the prologue quickly. Eastward is a fantastic game, and there’s lots to learn and enjoy. 

How To Fix Eastward Crashing Issues And Other Performance Issues In Easy Steps

Eastward, like any other PC game, is susceptible to occasional crashes, freezing, stuttering, lagging, and other performance problems. Despite the fact that developer Pixpil has been continually providing fresh updates to remedy these flaws in Eastward some players are still experiencing these vexing issues. So, in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to solve the game’s bugs using the approved techniques.

Driver incompatibility, antivirus, and even Steam client difficulties are the most common causes of Eastward crashes.

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  • Check Eastward’s Minimum System Requirements – This is the first step you should take. Make sure your PC is up to the task of running Eastward smoothly. You’re fine to proceed if your hardware satisfies the basic requirements. For a complete list of system requirements, visit the Eastward shop page on Steam.
  • Outdated Graphics Driver – The latest version of your graphics driver is required to run Eastward. It might wreak havoc on the game if your GPU driver is too outdated. You may acquire the newest driver for your GPU by going to the website of your hardware vendor. Download and install IObit’s driver booster or Driver Easy, as per our advice. This program will download all available driver updates for you automatically. This also means you’ll obtain the most recent updates for any drivers that have been overlooked.
  • Ensure the integrity of the Eastward game – There’s a risk that some files were corrupted during the Eastward installation procedure. Crashing is almost often the consequence of a corrupted game file.

    Verify the game files of Eastward by navigating to Steam > Library > right-clicking Eastward and selecting Properties > Local Files tab > clicking the Verify integrity of game files… button to repair the problem. Wait until the verification is finished before checking to see whether the crashing problems have been resolved.
  • Scan your computer for viruses – Malware is one of the most well-known causes of why any game crashes. If your computer is infected with malware, it’s possible that the infection will erase your freshly installed Eastward files. It is strongly advised that you install malware protection software on your computer. We’ve been using Malwarebytes for a long time at our house. So far, every spyware that attempts to infect your PC has been quickly prevented. Malwarebytes is now available for download and trial.

Now, you know the answer to your query Eastward how many chapters, Eastward how long to beat? Now how let’s dive into the performance issue in detail

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  • Switch Between Full screen and Windowed Modes – We’re not sure why, but Full screen mode is quicker on some PCs than Windowed mode. Switch back to Windowed mode if Full screen mode does not cure the latency and poor FPS.
  • Disable VSync – While deactivating VSync can result in screen tearing, it can also result in a smooth framerate on a medium to low-end PC. This will assist you in increasing your FPS while playing the game. You may also turn off Vsync using graphics control panels like Nvidia Control Panel and AMD Control Panel.
  • Prioritise Eastward – The Windows operating system normally balances all of the background tasks and processes. Setting the priority of Eastward to High will assist to improve the game’s FPS.

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That concludes our guide on how to fix Eastward’s PC crash, Eastward how long to beat? and Eastward how many chapters. If you’re having problems with other PC games or your PC, please let us know in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to address them in future posts on common PC faults and how to cure them.


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