Fix ‘Your Organization’s Data cannot be Pasted here’ error on Microsoft Outlook

December 17, 2021 Kunal Kumar How To, Software

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based management solution for mobile devices that is part of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Its main goal is to provide a unified endpoint administration experience. When you try to copy data from Outlook to any other program on your device, you’ll see the error notice “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here.” This is merely a Microsoft Intune function that can be found in Microsoft Intune Policy Management.

When you try to copy something to an unauthorized app, an error notice appears. This is a result of your Microsoft Intune rules, which prevent users from copying data for security reasons. While this may be altered from the policies, you may get the error notice while transferring data to an allowed app in some instances. Microsoft Intune allows you to set policies so that you may copy data to a certain approved app if you want to, but the rest is limited or denied.

If you are facing a problem in copying data from a third-party app then in this scenario, the problem might be caused by an old version of the Outlook application on your device, therefore you’ll need to install the most recent updates to fix the problem. With that in mind, let’s get started by demonstrating a feature that you may customize to suit your needs in order to resolve this issue.

What is ‘Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here’ error?

The Microsoft Intune Policy Management that prevents or bans cut, copy, and paste from the Outlook app to unapproved apps on your smartphone or device is termed ‘Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here.’

Copy and paste will be prohibited on the app you wish to paste the material due to the error warning, and it will not be pasted until Intune prevents copy and paste is adjusted to allow copy and paste on 3rd party applications.

However, we must adjust the policy to enable cut, copy, and paste on some other applications on your device on Windows and Mac in order to avoid Microsoft Intune from prohibiting copy and paste on other apps on your device.

How to fix ‘Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here’ error?

The error message in the issue is created by your Microsoft Intune policies, as previously stated. This behavior is caused by the Data Protection policy, which can be found under App Protection. You won’t be able to copy data across applications if the Restrict cut, copy, and paste between other apps option is off. This is why the aforementioned error message appears. Protected applications, on the other hand, are unaffected, so you may easily copy data between them.

Additionally, it may be set up to enable data copying for specific apps. Follow the steps below to double-check your policies:

PRO TIP: If the problem is with your computer or laptop/notebook, use Restore Repair to check the repositories and repair any corrupt or missing files. This works in the vast majority of situations where the problem is caused by a system fault.

  1. To begin, go to your Microsoft Intune dashboard and log in.
  2. Then, on the left-hand side, choose Client applications.
  3. Go to App protection policies in the left-hand pane of the Client applications screen.
  4. To update a policy, go to the list of policies and choose the one that is installed on your device. You can also use the Establish policy button to create a new policy for this.
  5. Change the settings for Restrict cut, copy, and paste between other applications under Data Transfer to suit your needs.
  6. If you’re developing a new policy, you’ll need to supply more information, such as the Platform. Furthermore, the function in issue may be found under Settings > Data Protection > Data Transfer.
  7. Finally, to save the policy, click the OK button.

After that, depending on how you updated your policy set up before, you should now be allowed to copy data across applications. If you establish a new policy, you must assign it to the appropriate groups. Furthermore, if you’re still having trouble moving data across secured applications, check sure the app is up to date. In certain cases, the problem is caused by a Microsoft bug that may be rectified with a simple update.

How can I copy and paste in Outlook from my iPhone?

Follow these instructions to copy and paste on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Hold your finger on the text (or any other information) you wish to copy.
  2. To highlight the information you want, tap and drag the blue circle to the left and right, then hit Copy.
  3. Go to the app (Notes, Mail, Messages, etc.)
  4. Tap and hold for a few seconds, then paste.

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Wrapping up!

So that was the guide to the Microsoft Outlook problem ‘Your organization’s data cannot be put here.’ Stay tuned for additional information on topics like these. We hope you liked our effort to provide you with useful information. Please don’t forget to provide your valuable feedback in the comments below.


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