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May 12, 2022 Anjali Latwal How To

You’ve probably heard about, the new fun and simple way to keep up with the finest French TV. However, you must be in France to view it owing to French broadcasting rules. That’s just not fair, given that it’s one of the finest French TV shows and is now accessible online! So, with this explanation Activation guide on how to live stream outside of France, we’re attempting to make it accessible to individuals outside of France.

About provides you with the finest of French television in one convenient location. With the convenience of a single app, you can live watch or recap your favorite programs from France Televisions, including France 2, France 3, and France 4, as well as BFMTV and RMC Découverte. is the simplest method to ensure you never miss a program, no matter where you are on the globe. It’s never been simpler to keep up with the finest of French television. provides a high-quality watching experience by live-streaming all of your favorite channels and programs on your device. The only catch is that you must be a French resident to use it. Not anymore, keep reading to learn how to activate and live stream

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Activate and live stream outside of France:

Due to French broadcasting regulations, is only accessible to people who live in France. If you leave the country for a vacation or reside outside of the country, you will get ‘geo-blocking’ from utilizing the service. We offer a fast and easy solution to allow you to live stream outside of France. By utilizing a VPN, you can deceive into thinking you’re still in France, escape geo-blocks, and watch all of your favorite French TV news and programs live from anywhere on the planet.

How can I live stream from any location?

You can follow the steps below to live stream from any location:

  • Choose a VPN that has fast servers in France.
  • (Note: Our recommendation is ExpressVPN.)
  • Connect to a French server after installing the VPN software.
  • Log in to your account at to begin viewing!

Why do I require VPN to Watch While on the Go?

As France’s state broadcaster, France Televisions limits access to its channels and live streaming from regions where it is not licensed to transmit. If you try to use, the company’s web browser-based streaming platform, from outside of France, you will be denied access. This is referred to as ‘geo-blocking,’ and it is employed by all mainstreaming sites, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. If you attempt to access while outside the country’s borders, you will be presented with the following message:

“Due to rights granted to France Télévisions, this video is not available from your geographic area.”

As a consequence, to circumvent geo-blocks, you utilize a virtual private network or VPN.

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Why do you require a VPN and how do you choose the finest one?

You can use a VPN to change your location and give your IP address to a different server. You can use the VPN to make yourself look anywhere around the globe. ExpressVPN, for example, has over 3,000 servers spread over more than 160 sites in 90 countries. Users are eligible to enjoy any of them. You can escape geo-blocks and have full access to the nation by migrating your server to France.

The benefits of a VPN go beyond just viewing live TV. Installing one will significantly improve your internet experience. A VPN improves your online privacy, anonymity, and security dramatically. We won’t go into great detail here, but if you want military-grade security, privacy from government snooping, ad-free internet, and other benefits, a VPN is your best friend.

The most important thing to note when choosing a VPN to watch French TV is that not all VPNs can circumvent streaming geo-blocks. Only a few handfuls can give you access to from anywhere in the earth. You’ll want one with unlimited bandwidth, unfettered speeds, a large selection of French servers, and solid security features.

The following are the three best VPNs for viewing French TV outside of France. We put them all through rigorous testing to verify that they meet all of your requirements and give you top-tier Internet security.

  • CyberGhost VPN (Virtual Private Network)- CyberGhost provides an easy-to-use interface, one-click setup, and reasonable pricing. If you want a VPN that is quick, simple, and efficient, this is a good option. In just a few minutes, you’ll have industry-leading security, fast and consistent connections, increased privacy, and more. You can view all of your favorite TV series and movies from anywhere in the world thanks to more than 250 servers in France. The remarkable affordability and capability of CyberGhost are available along with a generous 45-day money-back assurance. You have plenty of time to try it out and see why so many of our readers love it.
  • ExpressVPN- ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN on the market. It offers super-fast streaming on almost any device. This VPN easily bypasses geo-blocks, allowing you to stream all of your favorite French TV series. ExpressVPN has more to offer than simply speed.

You get unlimited bandwidth and downloads on up to 5 devices. These and other features are supplemented by cutting-edge security and 24-hour customer assistance. ExpressVPN has made no compromises in order to deliver its excellent connection speeds. All of this explains why ExpressVPN is so well-liked by genuine consumers. Take full advantage of the 1-month money-back guarantee and give it a shot risk-free.

  • PrivateVPN- PrivateVPN takes pride in being the finest beginner VPN. It offers a simple user interface, easy installation, and great customer service. This vendor understands that VPNs can be confusing to newcomers and has devised a method to address this. This is not to argue that PrivateVPN has sacrificed security, speed, or privacy for the sake of simplicity. Despite its minimal features, PrivateVPN provides impenetrable security, fast and consistent connections, and a variety of privacy choices.

You can have lightning-fast connections and unfettered internet access while ensuring that your private details and identity are safe. Real people, both novices and professionals, regard PrivateVPN as one of the best. If you’re still not persuaded, use the risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Conclusion: So, that was our post; we hope you enjoyed it! Now you can enjoy and live stream anytime and wherever you want.


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