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September 20, 2021 Staff Writer How To

The Reelz Channel is a popular satellite and cable TV network in the US. Known for showcasing TV shows, movies, events, miniseries, and series, this channel is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting. You can watch all the popular and favorite shows such as Celebrity Damage Controls, Autopsy: The Last Hours, CopyCat Killers, Breaking the Band, Executed with Deborah Norville, Behind the Screams, Demons in the City of Angels, Hollywood 911, The Price of Fame, Celebrity Legacies, and many more if you have an active subscription. What is great about Reelz is that it lets you watch all these and more right on your Roku TV – anytime, anywhere. You can activate Reelz Channel on your Roku TV by following just a few simple steps. 

Steps To Activate Reelz Channel via On Roku TV

You can enjoy streaming your favorite Reelz content by activating the channel on your Roku device. To start, you need to get the Reelz NOW app on your Roku device. If you’re expecting your friends this weekend and you want to spend some great time with them watching original Reelz shows on your Roku TV, make sure to get a TV subscription first of all. Once you have got the subscription to Reelz TV, the next step is to activate your favorite channel on Roku through

Here Are The Steps To Activate Reelz Channel On Roku By Using

  • Turn your streaming platform on.
  • Press the “home” button using the Roku TV remote.
  • From here, you need to locate the “search” option.
  • Just type in Reelz Now and you will find the Roku Channel Store.
  • The app will be visible on the screen.
  • Now, click “+add channel” to get the Reelz NOW on your Roku TV.
  • Having installed the app on the device, the next step is to launch it.
  • Don’t forget to sign in using your cable TV provider credentials – username & password.
  • Check the shows, movies, and other programs that you want to watch.

You are now ready to watch your favorite movies and shows anytime, anywhere on Reelz NOW. 

You can get the Reelz channel on your Roku as well as other popular platforms such as Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and others. The best part is that the steps are almost the same across all these platforms. You can download the app from Amazon Store for launching the app. Keep yourself signed in with the credentials provided by your cable TV service provider and that’s it. Don’t forget, you will need to pay a monthly fee of $1.99 as your free trial ends. You can cancel the service whenever you want (within the trial period) if you are not interested in continuing. To do this, you will need to cancel your channel subscription via Roku TV or Amazon TV.

Your subscription may not include all the programs that are aired on Reelz cable & satellite channels immediately but you can add and access them later on.

How To Activate Reelz On Your Roku Device?

Reelz Channel or Reelz, as we most commonly call it, is a popular satellite and cable TV network in the US. Reelz has its private channel named Reelz NOW that can be watched on Roku devices and it can be found in the Roku channel store. This channel offers movies, events, TV shows, miniseries, series, and a wide variety of entertainment options. You just need to subscribe to the Reelz channel on cable & satellite TV.  

Get the app for your Roku TV and enjoy watching all your favorite Reelz content anytime and anywhere you want. Just make sure that you have the subscription of your Reelz TV channel and you follow all the steps required to activate Reelz on Roku using The first step in this regard is to turn your Roku TV on and press the home button on your Roku TV remote. You need to, then, explore the search option and key in Reelz NOW into the search bar of the Roku TV channel store. You will be prompted to “+add channel” from the dropdown menu and the channel is added to your Roku TV as a result.

Other than these, there are some more steps you need to take before you start enjoying watching shows about real stories, real celebrities, and real people. Once the Reelz app has been downloaded & installed on your Roku TV. Start the Reelz NOW app. Make sure you are logged in to your cable TV provider – via your username & password.

Steps To Activate Reelz With The Help Of

  1. You will see an “activation code” on your screen after logging in.
  2. If the code doesn’t appear on your screen, check the settings tab of the app or call your service provider.
  3. Open your web browser on your mobile device or computer and visit the page.
  4. You will land at a page where you will be able to activate your Reelz account.
  5. Now key in the activation code that you received just a step above and click the continue option.
  6. Complete the Reelz app activation on your Roku TV, follow the prompts that you see on the screen.
  7. You can now watch your favorite Reelz shows, movies, and more on Reelz NOW on your Roku TV through

Other platforms for streaming, such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc., can also help you enjoy streaming your Reelz channel at your discretion. The steps that you need to follow are almost all the same as are the steps for activating Reelz on Roku. Get the app on your device’s app store and open it. Keep logged in to your cable TV provider account using your credentials – username & password. Once again, remember that you should be ready to pay $1.99/month after the free trial period ends. However, if you don’t want to continue watching the channel on your Amazon or Apple device, make sure you cancel it ahead of time i.e. before your free trial period ends.

It is quite possible that not all of the Reelz satellite and cable TV channel’s programming may not be automatically added to your subscription immediately. However, you can access them when you want later on. However, if you face any issues and aren’t able to stream shows or movies, take the help of the professionals at Reelz.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the most commonly and frequently asked questions about the Reelz TV channel,, and Reelz streaming service are as follows:

Can I cancel my Reelz subscription? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can answer your Reelz channel subscription. If you have subscribed to the channel directly through the Roku channel, you will have an option to cancel when you delete the Reelz channel from your Roku device. You may also subscribe by simply logging in to your Roku TV account on and then by clicking on the link “manage my subscriptions”. 

What are the various types of Reelz?

On Roku TV, there are two types of Reelz channels that are 1) Requiring no sign up for watching the schedule and getting a sneak peek at all the Reelz content; 2) Reelz NOW that requires a satellite or cable TV subscription.

Can I watch Reelz on Amazon Prime as well?

Prime video channels let you pick & choose the channels you wish to watch. If you are an Amazon Prime member, then you can access Reelz and more than 100 additional channels. Furthermore, you don’t need a cable.

Is there a Reelz app too?

Reelz is a TV network that delivers high-quality content such as stories of famous & infamous people and the Reelz NOW app is available on mobile phones, web, and streaming devices such as Roku TV, Fire TV, etc. Start streaming Reelz after logging in using your cable TV provider’s credentials (username & password). There is a wide variety of fun and entertainment options that you can choose from on the Reelz.

Can I watch Reelz on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix and competitors offer online streaming of shows, movies, and other entertainment content. Other than this, they also let users add live network TV streaming of AMC, ESPN, as well as Reelz. So, yes, you can watch Reelz on Netflix.

Can I get Reelz for free? How?

Reelz can be watched on Roku TV, Fire TV, and Amazon Prime Video as a subscription video-on-demand service. You can start your free Reelz trial immediately.

How much does Reelz on Amazon Prime cost?

Once the free trial is over, the cost per month for Reelz on Amazon is $1.99/month. When you start the trial, you agree to the Terms. Amazon is the seller.

Does Sling offer Reelz?

Yes, Sling offers a total of 62 channels and that includes Reelz as well.

What does Reelz mean?

Reelz is all about real people, lives, and stories. You get to watch celebrities in the flesh. Reelz leads the cable & satellite entertainment network focusing exclusively on celebrity culture, featuring heartfelt documentaries, character profiles of people – both famous and infamous.

Is Reelz available in the UK?

For watching Reelz online, you just need to connect to an American server and you can do this from anywhere in the world. To watch Reelz Now in the UK, Canada, Australia, or elsewhere with a VPN all you need to do is sign up for a VPN. So, install the Virtual Private Network app on your device.