Is Spotify Premium Really Worth the Money?

May 2, 2022 Deepali Bhatia Software

Music lovers are always on the lookout for new ways to listen to their favorite tracks. The best way to do this is by subscribing to a music streaming service. We all know that there are plenty of options available today, and one of them is Spotify.

Undoubtedly, Spotify is the most popular and loved streaming service today where you can find a lavish library of music and a rich collection of podcasts. While a lot of users continue to use Spotify for free, countless have already gone for Spotify Premium. If you have also been toying with the idea of Spotify Free Vs Premium, you must read this post to help you decide better.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Spotify Free vs Premium is the number of songs available for streaming on both platforms. While there are millions of tracks available on Spotify Free, only some songs are available for streaming on Spotify Premium. This can be frustrating if you want to listen to your favorite song but it’s not available in the free version of the service.

If any other streaming platform offers more than 10 million tracks then it’s surely worth your time and money! But what if they don’t? And what if they offer just 1 million tracks? Will that be enough for you? Well, it depends on what kind of music lover you are and how many times do you listen to your favorite song? If you love listening to new songs every day then 1 million tracks might not be enough for you.

What is Spotify Free?

Spotify Free is the free version of Spotify that offers access to all its basic features such as:

  • Access to millions of songs in their library
  • Ad-free listening experience
  • Ability to create playlists and share them with friends
  • Access to podcasts

Spotify Free vs Premium – A quick Comparison  

Spotify Free Vs Premium is one of the most talked-about topics among music lovers and if you are thinking of going Premium with Spotify but are not sure whether the premium plan is worth the price? Let’s understand what premium Spotify has to offer and why it may be a good idea to upgrade? If you have been using the free plan of Spotify, I am sure you will love its sleek interface, huge music library, amazing discovery features, etc. It is obvious to think why a Spotify Premium is worthy of a subscription when you can access Spotify for free!

Benefits of Free Spotify

The comparison of Spotify Free Vs Premium is incomplete without discussing the benefits of both. So, let’s begin with the benefits of Free Spotify first. To begin with, you will need your Spotify account – you can also sign up or log in with your Gmail or Facebook account. Accessing Spotify is easy and you can do it on your Windows, iPhone, Mac, or Android device. Not to forget, the Spotify web app is also available across these platforms. 

On your laptop, you can use Spotify Free and choose the artist, playlist, song, or album that you want to listen to. While you should be ready to bear with the frequent ads that usually follow after every song, Spotify treats free users well by not locking anything. You can enjoy ‘social features’ with complete access to sharing songs and checking out their friends’ playlists.

However, if you use mobile to access Free Spotify, then you should be ready to have a little restrictive Spotify. Using an Android or iPhone device, you may access the Spotify catalog, but you will have to listen to the music only in Shuffle mode. In other words, you cannot listen to your favorite album directly. But, thankfully, there are some playlists on Spotify that allow you to choose on-demand songs. Of course, ads are still there but at least you can listen to whatever album or playlist you want to – without shuffling.

When using Free Spotify, remember you need to stay online to continue listening to the music of your choice. Hence, if your phone is on airplane mode, you will go offline and music will stop automatically. However, you can try the Spotify Free Data Saver mode as well. There are a few more restrictions on using Spotify free on the phone, such as you cannot access Spotify Radio, follow friends, watch videos, or add local files. Furthermore, you cannot skip more than six times in an hour while shuffling.

Spotify Free vs Premium – The Benefits of Premium Spotify

Having discussed the benefits that come along with Free Spotify, it is important to understand what benefits does Premium Spotify offers? Upgrade to Spotify Premium and say goodbye to ads of all kinds. That’s not the only perk of the Premium tier, it also unlocks complete access to Spotify on your mobile phone and any other device. You can enjoy listening to songs of your choice on your phone anytime, anywhere just as you would do if you accessed Spotify through your desktop. Another advantage is the freedom from shuffling. You can skip songs you don’t want to listen to, access Radio, and enjoy all the app offers. With Premium Spotify, you enjoy high-quality streaming – the player, by default, runs at 160 kbps on desktop. You can increase it by up to 320 kbps – which means you have the best compression rate you can expect.

If you are accessing Spotify Premium on mobile, then 24 kbps is for low quality, 96 kbps for normal quality, and 160 kbps for high quality. For exceptionally great quality, it is 320 kbps. If you use Free Spotify, you can still choose between Normal to High. However, you need only Premium to be able to choose Extreme on your phone. With Premium Spotify, you are free to adjust streaming settings and offline saving.

Offline listening is another great benefit of Spotify Premium. This lets you save more than 3000 songs – storing each song on three different devices. What’s more, you can save your chosen playlist or album for listening offline. However, to ensure your offline music is valid, you need to go online at least once every month (30 days). Don’t worry, this way Spotify ensures that you are still using Premium Spotify.

Above all, you can also use Spotify Connect with Premium. Spotify Connect controls music on Spotify across different devices. So, you enjoy complete control over what is being played on your laptop through your smartphone, or pair speakers and other dedicated hardware with Spotify. Unquestionably, this is a fantastic feature to control various tunes at a celebration and enjoy a seamless transition between music streaming on your computer and phone.

However, Premium Spotify too carries the great tools for discovering music that you find in Spotify Free.

How Much do you Pay for Spotify Premium?

For Premium Spotify, you will have to pay a standard $10 per month. However, there is no legitimate way to enjoy Spotify Premium free of cost, you can expect discounts in many ways. Let’s understand these!

Go for the Family Plan: The Spotify Family plan is the most discounted option in Premium Spotify. As indicated by the name itself, this is a shareable plan which means you can add many people to it – up to 6 people for just $15 per month. In this way, you can save a lot and enjoy incredible discounts by adding maximum people to your family or friends. Since every user maintains his/her account, there is no conflict of usage.

Spotify Premium for Students: Have students in the family or you are a student looking for a discounted Spotify Premium plan? If yes, you can go for the Spotify Premium at just $5 per month with Spotify Student. But remember, to avail of this plan, you need to present proof that you are a student of an eligible university.

Spotify Premium Promotions and Trials: If you are not sure whether to go Premium or not, maybe you should try Spotify Premium with its 30-day free trial option enabling you to check out whenever you want within this period. This, however, requires you to enter your complete payment details, and Spotify can renew the subscription automatically as the month ends. Change your account settings and shut off the automatic renewal and autopay option if you don’t want to use Spotify Premium after this trial period.

Keep checking the Spotify promotions also as there are many such offers wherein you get three months’ Premium Spotify for only $1 but you can avail of this offer only once. Also, you can check the discounts from other companies in Spotify Premium. So, you should stay informed and updated about such promotions.

How to get Spotify Premium?

Once you are all set to go Premium, access the Spotify Premium page and click the “Get Spotify Premium” option there. You will be required to sign in to your Spotify account if you are not already signed in. Complete the payment using your PayPal account or credit card. And, there you go! Congratulations you are now a Spotify Premium member – ready to enjoy all the features of Premium. Run Spotify offline, on multiple devices, and more.

Please note that iPhone users should not subscribe to Spotify Premium through the app on iOS. Why? It is because Apple imposes additional charges on in-app purchases which means you may have to pay additional money on top of the $10 for a Premium subscription. It is, therefore, better that you use the website to upgrade to Premium Spotify.

Spotify Free vs Premium – Is Premium Really Worth It?

Well, Spotify Premium can be a good investment for those who use it for any frequency throughout the month. You get outstanding quality music, the ability to listen offline, on multiple devices, save your favorite music on your phone, and no advertisements in between for a nominal cost per month. The Family Plan can make going Premium even cheaper than your imagination.

However, if you have already subscribed to another music streaming app/service and you don’t listen to much music on Spotify every month, I would say Spotify Premium is not for you. Also, you may not need Premium Spotify if you already have a huge collection of music and use Spotify randomly just to check the latest albums and artists.

Having said it all about Spotify Free Vs Premium, I believe Spotify Premium is best for you if you don’t want to keep buying albums online. With Premium, you can enjoy millions of songs anytime, anywhere. Spotify Premium is recommended for those who love music and want to get the latest and freshest music on their phone.

You may want to refer to the Spotify guide or help online or maybe the podcasts on Premium Spotify to learn more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

How much does a year of Spotify Premium cost?

Gift Card for a 12-month Spotify Premium subscription worth $99.

How much does Spotify cost in the Philippines?

After that, it’s just ₱149 per month. You have the option to cancel at any time.
When the terms and conditions are in effect.

Is Spotify Premium included with Prime for free?

With Amazon Prime, you won’t be able to use your Spotify premium subscription for free. However, in this popular app, which is played on the Swedish music service, customers can listen to licensed music content. The number of tunes available will be limited to two million, far fewer than Spotify’s library.

Is there a Spotify Premium subscription that lasts indefinitely?

Undoubtedly, Spotify Premium subscriptions for life are a scam. At the very least, we’re not talking about a large sum of money — a standard eBay product.

How do I get Spotify Premium on a long-term basis?

– On Android, here’s how to get Spotify Premium for free.
– On your Android device, launch the Spotify app. Log in or create an account on Spotify.
– Select the GO PREMIUM button and then the Settings button.
– Select GET PREMIUM from the drop-down menu.
– START MY SPOTIFY PREMIUM button should be clicked.

Is it possible to use GCash to pay for Spotify?

The great news is that GCash can be used to pay for Spotify Premium. Before Spotify, music fans had to download their favorite artist’s songs and albums and then transfer them to an MP3 device.

Which country has the cheapest Spotify subscription?

In Asia, the price of Spotify Premium varies from 1.073 USD to USD 8.86 per month. India ($1.073) is the cheapest country in Asia for Spotify Folks, whereas South Korea ($8.86) is the most expensive. Japan (8.63 USD/month) is the second most costly country for Individual plans


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