Guide to Track Refund through TurboTax

November 25, 2021 Harshit Bhasin How To, Software

Have trouble filing your taxes or tracking your tax refund? Worry not because this article will cover how to track refund through TurboTax by logging into the TurboTax portal. Stick to this article to learn how to track your income tax refund through TurboTax.

Owned by Intuit, TurboTax is software used for preparing income tax returns in America. This software was developed in 1984 by Michael A. Chipman. TurboTax is a well-known software, but its user interface is quite complex. What people find more difficult is to use the TurboTax Track My Refund section. 

The income tax return in America is mainly handled through Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and Intuit was against it. Hence, they developed an online system of tax filing of their own.

How TurboTax My Refund Works?

There are three stages of tax refund in IRS, and those three are ‘’Return Received, “Return approved”, and Return Sent’’. You will receive your income tax refund after these three stages are complete. If you wish to use TurboTax to track your income tax refund, you will need to wait for the refund processing time.

How to Track Refund through TurboTax?

Tracking refund through TurboTax is relatively easy and straightforward. You just need to follow the process that will be explained in the steps below, and you will be able to Track Refund through it.

  1. Open your TurboTax account and click on the “Where is my fund” option to check for e-file within 24-48 hours. You can find it using the IRS.
  2. Once you get a notice that states “Receive notice,” you are required to return the notice within 24-48 hours of getting the e-file.
  3. Use my “My refund tool’’ that is available on the IRS to confirm whether your tax return has been processed or not. You will receive a notification on the tool that will say ‘’Return received’’ if it has been processed, and if not, there will be no notification.
  4. Click on the “Where is my fund’’ option to know the status of your return and the date of refund. If it has been accepted, then the status will change from ‘’Received’’ to ‘’Approve’’ and if it has not been accepted, then the status will not change and even the “where is my fund” option will not work.
  5. The “Where is my fund” option will show “refund sent” after the tax return has been transferred into your bank through a fixed deposit.

Things you need to track Refund through TurboTax?

You can track the status of your TurboTax Refund using the TurboTax software. Make sure that you do all these things, and you will be able to track your TurboTax Refund.

  • Go through the waiting period- You have to wait for at least three days after filing your taxes before you begin using the TurboTax refund tracker. After it’s acknowledged by the IRS and updated on the website, you can continue with the tracking process.
  • Have your tax return copy- You should have some information that is related to your tax return before you log into TurboTax. To get that info, you should have a copy of your tax return as it will give you the required information and will also help with your future references. You will need personal information such as filing status, the exact amount of the tax refund, and your Social Security number.
  • Head to where is My refund section- In the software, you need to visit the “where is my refund” section and fill in the three blank fields. Fill in your Social Security Number, exact refund amount, and encompass filing status in those blank fields. After filling, click on the submit button, and you will be done.

How to Log into the TurboTax 

You can log into your TurboTax account through the software or by visiting the official website. Follow these simple instructions to easily log into your TurboTax account.

  1. Visit and click on the “Sign-in” option located on the top right
  2. Enter the username and password that you set during registration.
  3. Tap on the login button, and you will be logged in to your TurboTax account.

How to Register for TurboTax?

It is really simple to register for a TurboTax account. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be able to track refund through TurboTax software.

  1. Visit and click on the “Sign-in” option located on the top right
  2. Click on the “New to Intuit? Create an account” option that is being shown just below the login option.
  3. You will be redirected to the next page, where you will need to enter your information such as email address, phone number, username, and a password
  4. After filling in your information, tap on the “Create Account” button and your new TurboTax account will be created.

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Filing a tax return is a complicated and hectic job that might sometimes cause headaches. At moments you may file more amount than required, and then you have to file for an income tax refund. TurboTax is a software developed to make this task less hectic. You can easily track the status of your refund using the TurboTax software.

We hope that all your doubts and queries regarding what TurboTax is and how to track refund through TurboTax have been solved after going through this article.


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