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If you want to watch high-quality Spanish television, La 1 is the channel to watch. La 1 features a wide range of programming to appeal to a wide range of viewers, including documentaries, humor, te Reo mori tauira, and telenovelas. La 1 is more than simply a television station; it’s an experience. La 1 is where you can see the finest shows, where you can see broadcasts of the most diversified material, and where you can see the best presenters at their best. That’s just on one channel. Experience more stuff in La 1 with its HD quality program and live internet streaming. This blog article will teach you how to activate and stream La 1 from overseas.

About La 1:

Televisión Espaola (TVE) is a fully public Spanish television station. TVE also broadcasts La Primera, a Spanish-language entertainment, news, and sports channel. Its programming is wide, including informational, entertainment, film, series, and significant sporting events for which RTVE has broadcast rights. The principal television channel of Radiotelevisión Espaola(RTVE), a Spanish public broadcaster, is La 1 (The One). On October 28, 1956, this was the first television service in Spain. Its programming caters to a wide range of audiences and includes news programs such as Telediario and Informe Semanal, debate shows, Spanish documentaries, sports and recreation events, and more. La 1 HD is the first TVE service to provide an HD channel, broadcasting in 1080i resolution.

La 1 (Spanish Channel): A Brief History

The channel was Televisión Espaola from 1956 until the formation of sister station TVE2 in 1966. (TVE). It was predominantly known as Primera Cadena from then on, and in the 1970s, it was also known as Primer Programa and, later, TVE1. In the 1990s, it was called La Primera. Prior to December 31, 2009, La 1 was a state-owned channel that relied on advertising to stay afloat.

La 1 HD, an HD simulcast, debuted on December 31, 2013. It was TVE’s first high-definition channel. La Segunda, the second HD station to follow suit, began broadcasting in HD on October 31, 2017.

The headquarters of the corporation are in Prado del Rey, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). It first aired on October 28, 1956, or 65 years ago, in Spanish. Previous names were TVE (1956–1965), TVE-VHF (1965–1966), Primera Cadena (1966–1976), TVE 1 (1976–1991), and La Primera (1991–2007).

Do you Know?

The TVE La 1 broadcast rights include the UEFA Nations League (2018-2022) and UEFA Euro Qualifying (2018-2022). You can learn more about them by reading the following:

UEFA Nations League: TVE has the UEFA Nations League broadcast rights for the Spanish Men’s National Team in Spain. Furthermore, the Spanish public broadcaster has the rights to La Roja’s qualifying matches for major UEFA and FIFA competitions until 2022. This translates to about 40 national team matches for Spain.

UEFA Euro Cup Qualifying: The Spanish Men’s National Team’s UEFA Euro Cup Qualifying matches are broadcast on TVE in Spain. Furthermore, the Spanish public broadcaster has the rights to La Roja’s qualifying matches for major UEFA and FIFA competitions until 2022. This translates to about 40 national team matches in Spain.

World Cup Qualifying (2017-2021): Spain’s qualifying games.

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Caution about the content:

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How to Activate & Stream La 1 (Spanish Channel) abroad?

You can select NordVPN as an option for watching La 1 online:

Televisión Espaola (Spanish Television) is the Spanish government-owned national broadcaster. TVE is also referred to as TVE La Primera. But did you know that you can use NordVPN to access the internet discreetly, securely, and without restrictions? With 80 TV channels and 14 radio stations, TVE is Spain’s biggest audiovisual organization. With NordVPN, you can watch their live broadcasts.

TVE (Televisión Espaola) is a fully public Spanish television station. It is Spain’s main public broadcaster, with over 20 regional networks. Because private broadcasters cannot match the popularity of nationally broadcast channels, many Spaniards pay to watch telenovelas and sports, ‘reality programs,’ political broadcasts, news, current affairs, and documentaries on TVE.

Nord VPN TVE has been professionally set up and optimized by technical experts for usage with your TVE account. It will redirect your IP address to one of the Spanish servers, allowing you to avoid geo-restrictions. You can surf the internet freely and securely with NordVPN. Stay private online while having unrestricted access to the full Internet – no matter where you are.

With NordVPN, you can browse the internet anonymously and freely. You can use NordVPN to appear to be in another country, free of government restrictions. While many individuals understand the advantages of VPNs, they aren’t always clear on how to use them. When you start your browser with NordVPN’s PC software, just click “Connect” at the bottom of the screen. If you were already connected to a server, first click “disconnect.”

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How to use Nord VPN to Activate & Stream La 1 (Spanish Channel) abroad?

  • Go to their official website which is
  • Sign up for Nord VPN’s super fast service.
  • Connect to a Spanish private VPN server.
  • Sign in to watch La 1 in private and without throttling.

Finishing Up:

To stream La 1 from another country, we suggest using a reputable VPN service. When connecting to public WiFi or hotspots, NordVPN offers quick access to prohibited websites, maintains no records, and does not track your behavior. It is compatible with both PC/Mac and mobile devices, allowing you to watch online from anywhere. Furthermore, with the NordVPN router app, you can enjoy safe surfing at home on your PC/Mac and mobile devices. We hope you enjoyed it and found this content to be beneficial.


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