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Are you a lover of Spanish television? It’s everyone! Do you want to watch Spanish television outside of Spain? The Spanish language is the most widely spoken in the world. People from Europe, Mexico, South America, the United States, and other regions of the globe speak Spanish. Teledeporte, Mitele, and Atres Player, all have geo-restrictions, which is bad. This indicates that a large number of individuals like it. To get over these geographical restrictions and watch the best Telenovelas from throughout the globe, you’ll need to spoof your location. There are two methods you can use to achieve this purpose. In this article, I’ll show you how to view Spanish TV channels, particularly the way to stream LaSexta Channel abroad, on your Android, iPad, PC, iPhone, Mac, Roku, FireStick, Chromecast, Xbox, or PS4 using a VPN or Smart DNS proxy.

About LaSexta:

La Sexta is a Spanish free-to-air television station. It is also called “The Sixth,” styled as laSexta. LaSexta is privately owned and was established on March 18, 2001, as Beca TV, which started airing on April 1, 2001. The channel went out of business on July 21, 2003, and was shut down, although it was replaced two years later in 2005 by a new channel named La Sexta, which began test transmissions on November 25, 2005, and officially began airing on March 27, 2006. The channel’s programming is broad, although there is a focus on comedy and amusement.

The channel is also known for its large amount of American and sports programming, and in recent years, it has gained in popularity as a result of its extensive coverage of political events, such as elections, which includes extensive debate through three key programs: Al rojo vivo (Red-hot), El objetivo (The Lens), and Salvados (Saved). Its news and discussion show have a left-wing political bent. Grupo Antena 3, now known as Atresmedia Televisión, purchased the station in 2012.

History of LaSexta:

La Sexta began as a television production business on November 25, 2005, when it received its broadcast license. It started testing the transmission on December 12th, just as the analog frequencies for Madrid and Barcelona were being allotted.

Broadcasts began on December 23 in Madrid and Barcelona, subsequently spreading to the rest of Spain. They started showing a promotional film on January 23, 2006. The content emissions testing began on February 20. Documentaries (Champions, Natura) and shows specialized in tuning, such as ‘Tuning Mania,’ were the first broadcasts. La Sexta began broadcasting twelve hours of programs each day on February 22.

The first live broadcast took place on March 2nd, during a football match between Croatia and Argentina. José Miguel Contreras announced the official start date, March 27, five days before the actual day, on the Circulo de Bellas Artes.

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Programming of LaSexta:

Some of LaSexta’s incredible shows, which contain original programming are:

  • BuenAgente     
  • Que Vida mas triste
  • El Intermedio   
  • SMS: Sin Miedo o Sonar
  • El Jefe infiltrado
  • Zapeando
  • Pesadilla en la cocina     
  • Salvados
  • Emma’s Theatre              
  • The King of Queen
  • My name is Earl
  • Monsuno
  • The Office          
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Law & Order      
  • Futurama
  • The Sopranos   
  • The Mentalist
  • World of Polli    
  • Eleventh Hour

How to Stream LaSexta Channel Abroad?

All Spanish channels are geo-restricted outside of Spain. They simply use your IP address to determine your location. Visitors with IP addresses originating outside of Spain will not get access to live and on-demand content. On the other hand, this truth could work in your favor. You can conceal your genuine IP address and browse the internet using a Spanish IP address by utilizing a VPN application. It doesn’t matter where you are right now.

Here’s how to stream LaSexta Channel abroad using a VPN:

  • First and foremost, you have to sign up for a VPN service.

(Note: Free VPNs, like Hola, may risk your online security and, in most cases, do not work properly.)

  • Go to the VPN provider’s website and simply download the VPN app once you’ve created your VPN account.
  • Using the app, connect to a VPN server in Spain. You now seem to be browsing the web using a Spanish IP address.
  • This approach enables you to unblock all Spanish channels from anywhere in the globe, including RTVE, Teledeporte, Atres Player, and Mitele.

While we recommend ExpressVPN for viewing Spanish television from abroad because of their 30-day money-back promise, you can also use other VPN services such as those indicated in the table below. The best thing about watching Spanish TV from abroad using a VPN is that you can watch your favorite programs and channels in high quality on official Spanish websites and apps.

Some of the top VPNs that you can use to stream LaSexta from abroad are:

Express VPN:

  • Best for privacy
  • Allows streaming160 VPN sites with high-speed servers
  • 24/7/ live chat help for Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video
  • Users get three more months for free on an annual plan

Bullet VPN:        

  • Streaming in UltraHD
  • All major streaming services are free to use with a free Smart DNS proxy.
  • 72 percent off for a limited time

Nord VPN:                         

  • Additional safety features
  • Split-tunneling extensions for Firefox and Chrome are available.


  • VPN connections are unrestricted.
  • There are over 1000 servers accessible with an ad-blocking function.

How to Stream LaSexta Channel abroad with Smart DNS Proxies?

Smart DNS is another technique you can use to hide your internet location. When you use Smart DNS on your streaming device instead of VPN, you don’t get a new IP address. Your Internet traffic will only be rerouted in part. While a VPN enables you to visit any Spanish website you choose, depending on the Smart DNS proxy service you use, Smart DNS allows you to watch Spanish channels from anywhere on the globe. If you want to watch your favorite LaSexta material outside of Spain, anywhere in the globe, follow these steps.

  • To get started, go to Unlocator and sign up for a free seven-day trial.
  • After that, establish Smart DNS on your streaming device.
  • You can now unblock all Spanish channels using Unlocator.
  • Unlocator does not need you to register with a credit card. Unblocked channels include Atres Plater, RTVE, Mitele, and Zattoo Spain.

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The stations listed above are a must-see for anybody who is a Spanish citizen living abroad, a lover of interminable telenovelas, or just wants to learn Spanish. With solutions like ExpressVPN and other top VPNs for Spain, you can get past geo-blocks that prevent you from streaming your favorite TV programs all over the globe.


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