Veterans United reviews, loan application, and login guide

December 5, 2022 Ritik Rawat Finance

This article will help you navigate through Veterans United by laying out an effective and comprehensive how-to that pertains to log in and loan application process along with a quick review so that you are better equipped to make some eminent financial decisions affecting your lives.

The benefits of such loans are manifold as it enables the active service members, veterans, surviving spouses to purchase a home with a $0 down payment, no mortgage insurance, and competitive interest rates. In other words, you will be getting a government-backed loan from a mortgage lender instead of getting it directly from the government.

Veterans United reviews

The positive

Ease of application

  • This is one of the important factors affecting whether the lender would be propitious or not. Well, Veterans United sure is, for both pre-qualification and application can be done online in the simplest manner possible.

Good for people with low credit score

  • There is a dearth of lenders who allow you to apply for a mortgage on the basis of alternative credit data. But, Veterans United come out as an exception. With mere proof that you pay bills on time, you will be able to get approved for a mortgage. This also implies that it is inclusive to all sorts of people with variable credit history and if you are on the lower side then you can also get approved.

A helpful customer service

  • Veterans United has an active customer service that allows you to talk to them over the phone 24/7. Visit for any help you need from them.

The role of Veterans United role officer

  • From the start of the application process till the last, you will be assigned a single loan officer that will help you get through the process

The negatives

Less physical presence

  • Although Veterans united have an active online presence, their phsycal branches seem to confined to just 17 branches and given the fact how deep rooted they are in the lending business, this definitely come out as a blemish.

Fewer options

  • One of the key bummers about Veterans United is that it doesn’t offer home equity loans, HELOC, construction loan or reverse mortgage.

No customized interest rates online

  • With Veterans United, if you want a more personalized interest rate then you will have to fill a form or contact customer service. On their website, only the general mortgage interest rates for VA and refinancing will be displayed.

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How to apply for a mortgage loan on Veterans United

The application for Veterans united VA loans or mortgage loans has to go through the following mandatory stages.


  • This is the prerequisite for any mortgage loan, you will be applying for. This stage will provide you with a general idea of your purchasing power exuded by your credit history. The idea is simple, you won’t clinch a home unless you show them that you can make some serious offer. You can use the MyVeteransUnited portal which will help you navigate through this first stage. From sundry paperwork to other key documents it will help you cover all of them. Remember, your Veterans United loan officer will be the single point of contact for the entire loan process.
  • Once your credit history is up to the mark, you will be able to download the pre-approval letter harbinger of your home-hunting journey.

Choosing the house

  • Now, Veterans United will serve to connect you with a  well versed VA loans agent that will help you select homes as per your own unique needs.

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  • In this stage of the Veterans united application guide, you will have to contact your loan agent and real estate agent to inquire about the closing cost. You can also negotiate as per what is allowed by the nature of the particular transaction you are indulging in.


  • In this stage, your income and property-related information will be verified. VA appraisal is an element of this stage where the fair market value of the home will be determined. So that, it suits everyone’s interests.
  • You will be then asked some more questions once you are under contract. The faster you answer those questions, the smoother the process will follow up.

Loan Closure

  • You are now fit to receive a closing disclosure before the closing day. When the closing day arrives you will be asked to sign a lot of paperwork and get the keys to new your new home.
  • The VA loan will close within a matter of 30- 45 days.

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How to log in to Veterans United account

In order to log in to a Veterans United account, you will have to visit the website at the URL and then enter your username and password. Remember that you will only be able to log in if you are already a Veterans United member and are already signed up.


Veterans United has indeed turned out to be an effective option for VA and an array of other loans. The process of its application has been deliberately optimized to help you navigate through with ease contrary to traditional mortgage lenders. But, first and foremost you have to be a Veterans United member to be able to log in and sign up.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Does Veterans United provide a customer support?

Yes, Veterans United does have a 24/7 customer support. Applying for a mortgage while serving in the military overseas can be particularly difficult. Veterans United goes above and beyond to serve customers, delivering question-answering phone service around-the-clock.

If you prefer in-person assistance, the company also has a number of branches close to military bases.

How can I apply for the Veterans United mortgage?

The VA loan application process is outlined on Veterans United’s website if you’re prepared to submit your application. To begin, you must acquaint yourself with VA loans and make sure you are eligible to apply.After that, you’ll get in touch with a lending expert and start the application process. Veterans United can help you, or you can apply for your Certificate of Eligibility on your own.

It’s time to complete your application when you’ve completed these steps and gotten a rate quote. Your W-2, tax records, and any other necessary financial documentation will be provided in order to accomplish this.

Is Veterans United transparent?

No, Veterans United isn’t that transparent. For most of it’s financial services like different loans, it doesn’t offer much information about it on their website. With another lender, you might discover the application process to be simpler if you’re hoping to apply for something other than a VA loan.


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