An easy to follow guide on how to log in and apply for Quicken Loans

January 1, 2022 Ritik Rawat Finance

This article will chart out a comprehensive guide for the Quicken loans log-in and you will be embarking upon the journey to apply for Quicken loans online with us .

We all have dreaded the complexity attached to the mortgage process and how a simple loan can be filled up with various hassles in the form of a lot of paperwork. However, there is consummate in the industry that has become the talk of the town and it is Quicken Loans, which is now known as Rocket Mortgage. The company since 2018 has booked the top spot in overall retail lending in the US.

About Quicken Loans

Before we come to the quintessence of this article as to how you can log and apply for Quicken loans, it is important to know how Quicken loans actually work. The company has an unprecedented presence over the internet, perfectly suitable for those trying to get their application across without having to move much muscle. They are only oriented towards providing mortgage and refinance and therefore don’t offer any banking, investing, or other financial products.

How does Quicken Loan mortgage application work

It adopts a much traditional approach in the sense that there is a colloquial connection between the lender and you. This entails that you have to begin by calling or chatting with a Quicken Loans finance or mortgage banker.

The company mixes the combination of direct representatives who can direct you through your Quicken Loans application over the phone and an online mortgage application that is available for you 24/7. They do the online servicing via their online portal which is of the same name as the company’s new brand name ‘Rocket mortgage’. The online process is done through this online portal would make your Loan application easy and contact-free, however, we don’t expect you to navigate through the portal without any trouble, so here is how you can create your Quicken Loans account and then log in to it.

How to create the Quicken loans account for login

Follow the below steps to create a Quicken Loans account for login:

  • Firstly, you will have to click on the Home tab lying on top of the Quicken window (
  • From the ‘see where your money goes’ section, click on ‘get started.
  • Then, you will be required to enter the name of your bank.

Note: 1. This bank would be suggestive of the place where your primary checking account would be situated. If you don’t know what a primary checking account is then it is simply an account in which you deposit your paycheck and pay your bills.

  • Now, enter the login information of your bank

Note: These are the same log-in credentials that you would use while logging in to your bank’s website.

  • Click ‘connect’.

Note: This would take about a minute to complete owing to the fact that Quicken has begun conversating or connecting with your bank to check which accounts you have.

  • In this Quicken loans log-in step, you will be required to set preferences for the Quicken Loans account.

Note: this is totally up to your own volition whether you want to give a nickname to your account or not. If you don’t see this screen, simply ignore this step.

Upon the completion of all these steps, Quicken Loans will finally be able to download your transactions and create your account into which you will now be able to log in.

How to apply for Quicken Loans- Quicken Loans application process guide

We have broken down the the loan’s application process in simple steps to make it a little pellucid.

  • To apply for a Quicken Loans mortgage both online and over-the-phone (800) 508-0944 options are available.
  • In either case, you will be able to connect to a Mortgage loan expert who will work as an escort to the mortgage process.
  • The company would then use your credit scores and some other basic financial information to get you a loan estimation or in financial jargon ‘prequalification letter’ via MyQL, the site’s loan portal.
  • Now comes the role of money that you will have to pay to continue with your Quicken loan application. This entails that you would have to make a certain deposit pertaining to the cost that was sustained by the bank in the collection of your information such as credit report, title work, and appraisal. Don’t worry, after you have finalized a house this deposit will be included in your closing costs. So, in the end, you will only have to pay less than what you would to other lenders.
  • The deposit would vary between $400-$750. The exact amount would be conveyed to you by the expert. You make the payment via financial instruments such as credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid Visa, or Mastercard gift cards but not through real cash or checks.
  • After this comes the verification part, where your credit and assets will be verified, you will now be eligible for a pre-approved loan. In between the time of your application and you closing up on a house you can always stay in touch with your Quicken Loans expert or representative by email or phone as per your preference.

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How to apply for Quicken Loans entirely online

If you are using Rocket Mortgage then you will be able to apply for Quicken loans entirely online and then authorize the loan to get those financial details and if you feel that you are walking astray from the application path, you can any moment talk to the representative.


Quicken Loans undoubtedly made applying for a mortgage a lot easier by removing the brokerage barrier because you are directly connecting to the lender. Moreover, your private information will not plunge into some malicious hands and there will be a lot fewer emails bothering you. However, on the downside, you may miss out on some propitious or profitable deals due to a lower number of bids and also end up with more hassle in the form of paper works and queries for your credit report. But, nevertheless, applying for Quicken loans would be as easy if you follow the above guide.


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