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October 19, 2022 Madhuri Patoju How To

Install and Use YouTube on MI Box: Hey guys! We’re here to help you get started with YouTube on your MI box and embark on a new adventure. If you enjoy YouTube, we have some exciting news for you: you can now watch it on your MI box. We’ve put together brief instructions for installing and utilizing YouTube on MI Box, so you can view all of your favorite content without leaving the sofa.

Why install YouTube on MI Box

YouTube, is one of the ever-growing and most popular video-sharing services, allowing you to watch, like, comment, share, and upload videos. It is a free service that offers breaking news, entertainment, music, and other content. You can receive access to a number of benefits by creating a new YouTube account. Once you’ve registered an account, you’ll be able to find the most current videos from your subscribed channels and download them to watch later. YouTube is a cross-platform app that is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Firestick, Smart TVs, Roku, Nvidia Box, Nintendo Switch, and other devices. 

Is Installing YouTube App on MI Box worth it?

YouTube is a popular video-sharing network where you can watch breaking news, entertainment videos, and a variety of other content. There are also music videos that can be seen offline. The ability to make playlists and share videos with friends and family are also perks of having a YouTube account. You may also comment on videos and share them with others using social media networks like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

YouTube is a multi-platform software that works on Android, iOS, Windows, Firestick, Smart TV, Android TV Boxes like Roku, Nvidia Boxes (1st Gen), Nintendo Switch, Apple TV 4K / 3rd Gen / 2nd Gen / 1st Gen / Apple TV 4K / 3rd Gen Toshiba Smart TVs (L55C20U), Sony Bravia Android TVs (X9F & X9E), and Samsung Smart TVs (Q8F & NU8000) (Q8F & NU8000),and more.

How can I obtain YouTube on my Xiaomi MI Box?

Android is supported, and the MI box has a built-in Play Store. You only need to go to the Play Store and download YouTube. On an Android device, practically all Google apps are pre-installed. As a result, check to verify if the YouTube App is already installed. Otherwise, take these steps: Because YouTube is already loaded on Mi Box, there is no need to sideload any programs.
Setup MI Box

  • To begin, connect your TV to a MI box. 
  • Connect your TV to the MI box through an HDMI connector.
  • Switch on your TV and the MI box.
  • Connect them to a reliable Internet or WiFi network. 
  • After connecting to the gadget, you can only utilize it.
  • Only after connecting to WiFi can you use the device.

Install YouTube

After creating an account, you can view the most recent videos from your subscribed channels and download them to watch later. Follow the steps below to install YouTube on your MI Box:

  • To access the MI home screen, turn on your MI Box.
  • Simply launch the Google Play Store app.
  • Apps that are featured will be displayed.
  • Click the Search icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • The screen will show the keyboard. In the search box, type YouTube.
  • Choose YouTube and then click the Install option to install the program.
YouTube on MI Box
YouTube on MI Box
  • After the installation is complete, open the YouTube app by tapping the Open button.
  • Go ahead and launch the YouTube app now.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • YouTube videos are now available.
  • You can watch any video you choose on your Mi Box.
  • If you want to change the video quality, go to the Clarity icon on the playing screen.
  • Choose a video quality from the drop-down menu. Lowering the video quality consumes less data, however 2160p + 4K consumes more.

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To use YouTube, go to YouTube and sign in to your account:

After installation, a pop-up window comes asking if you wish to finish it or continue. If you want to open the YouTube app immediately, choose Open; if you want to open it later, choose Done.

All that remains is for you to log in. On Android devices, sign-in will be primarily automatic.

Otherwise, your TV will display a code. To activate your account, go to and enter the code.

In conclusion:

Installing YouTube on your Mi Box is identical to doing so on your smartphone. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you will have access to ad-free, untranslated streaming. YouTube provides a large amount of media content, and the premium version removes the advertisements and allows you to watch it outside of the app. However, we have gone over the YouTube installation and usage process in great depth in this article. I hope this article is useful and helpful for people attempting to install YouTube on their MI machine. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments area. Stay tuned for more information. I’ll be back soon with another interesting piece of writing.

Frequently asked questions

Is YouTube accessible on Mi Box?

After all, you have YouTube on your Mi Box. Everything looks better on the big screen, including shows from YouTube, Sling TV, Netflix, Vudu, Fandango NOW, and more. You may stream, play, and be delighted for hours with access to hit series, blockbusters, radio stations, and viral videos.

Is Netflix available on the Mi Box for free?

Xiaomi’s Mi Box 4K costs Rs.3,499 and includes a remote control, HDMI connectivity, and access to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and others.

Is there a Google Play store on the Mi Box?

The Mi Box 4K includes Google’s Play Store, which supports over 5000 apps and games worldwide. These apps are designed specifically for television. You can simply download whichever app you want.

What is the distinction between the Mi Box and the Mi Box s?

The Mi TV Stick has 1GB of RAM, but the Mi Box S has 2GB of DDR3 RAM. As a result, the Mi Box S outperforms it. Another visible and likely significant difference is that the new Mi TV Stick supports 1080p Full HD videos, but the previous Mi Box S supports 4K at 60fps videos.

How can I update my Mi Box manually?

You can update Mi Box manually just follow these straightforward steps to do so. 
When you turn on your Xiaomi Mi TV Box, the Android System Update notice will appear.
If you press “OK” on your remote control, the update details will be displayed.
To begin downloading the upgrade, press “OK” once more. That’s it. 


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