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Do you know that you can watch over 1000 episodes and movies anytime and anywhere you want with 10 Play on your smart tv or your smartphone? Simply log in or activate 10Play via to have everything at your fingertips! There’s no need to wait till tomorrow! But that’s not all; you can take your entertainment experience to the next level with features like On-Demand, Live TV, TV Guide, and Push Notifications. You can watch all of your favorite shows whether you’re at home, on the move, or anywhere in between.

About 10Play:

Prepare to pursue your dreams. With 10play on your mobile, streaming through Chromecast, or access to view on your tablet or laptop, you can watch anything from all-time masterpieces to your favorite TV shows. To see the unique content, go to 10 and activate your services. When you sign up for the program, you’ll get access to the whole library of TV series, movies, and sports. All of your devices, including smartphones and tablets, can access the platform. It works with a wide range of devices and services. For effortless access, all you need is a stable internet connection.

Watch live, on-demand, and exclusive programmings such as dramas and comedies, news shows, sports, reality TV, and entertainment with 10Play services. It’s now much simpler to locate your favorite program, whether or not it’s on the 10 Play Network! Now is the time to activate your profile status and start watching with just one click. Before you can fully enjoy 10 Play, you must first activate your account. This activation is accessible after completing the platform’s registration process. With this activation, you’ll be able to access exclusive material that most people won’t be able to access during their free trial time. Activate and watch your favorite programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get access to unique programs and video-on-demand material, create an account.

10 Play is a video-on-demand & catch-up television service based in Australia. It offers a diverse variety of services and is quite popular in Australia. To view unique material, users must first activate their accounts. 10 Play is a free iOS app that lets you watch all of your favorite Ten Network shows whenever and anywhere you want. This application is available for download and usage at no cost. But, users must first activate their accounts by clicking on the activation link supplied to them through email before they can view the broadcast.

The television service is entirely free. You will, however, need a valid Australian credit or debit card as well as a suitable device to watch. The most recent Blackberry, Android, and Apple smartphones are all supported. You can also stream on your computer by using the free app. You’ll get full access to the website, as well as hundreds of thousands of more titles including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Bones, and Alex Nation if you join up today!

Guide to easily Activate 10Play on various Streaming devices:

Use this tutorial from to activate 10Play on your Smart TV. Users must first activate their accounts in order to view exclusive content. Continue reading for instructions on how to activate your account at by visiting So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how to get 10play working on your smart TV.

How to set up 10 Play on Smart TV at

For Australians and those who live outside of Australia, 10 Play is the ideal solution. 10 Play gives you access to a variety of entertainment and news programming. It also provides sports news and access to live broadcasts. Yes, it includes series that aren’t currently accessible in your country. The following are the procedures to activate your 10Play account.

The following are the instructions to activate your 10Play account:

  • On your Smart TV, launch 10 Play and go to a limited member video.
  • A new screen will open with a code. Keep this code in mind.
  • Go to on your computer, laptop, or smartphone.
  • If you’re already a user, sign in with your email or Facebook account.
  • If you’re a new member, click Sign Up and complete all of the essential fields.
  • When you’re completed, you’ll get an email with a verification link. Open your account and click on it to verify it.
  • You will be taken to a new page after clicking the link. Select Activate to sign in.
  • Since the code is lower case, type it exactly as it appears in the box.
  • You’ll quickly sign in and get access to all of the information after you’ve entered the code.

(Note: If the notice ‘The supplied code is invalid’ appears, double-check that you entered the correct code. Every code is only valid for 30 minutes. As a consequence, the code must be used inside that time frame.)

How can I resolve recurrent 10Play activation problems on my iPhone?

Customers can have issues while trying to sign in on an iPhone. The following are the steps to take to resolve it:

  • On your smartphone, open Safari.
  • Block Pop-Ups is located at the bottom of the general options section. By default, it is switched on.
  • After deactivating this, return to the login page.
  • Try logging in again; you should be able to do it quickly this time.

Before you can watch any member-only content, you must first activate your device at if you do have the 10 Play TVs app version 3.4.5 or the Android app version 4.0.20 or above.

Remember that any video with a lock symbol or a member-restricted label will need you to activate your device.

When you choose any of the member limited content icons, you’ll get a message with instructions on how to activate your device and your activation code.

How can you activate your coupon using

In Australia, 10 Play is the most popular television service. On your PC, iPhone, or iPad, you’ll discover a wealth of unique material that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, with an Optus internet connection, you’ll never have to worry about buffering while streaming programs or missing out on a spectacular boxing event that airs live on-air.

  • Go to in your internet browser on your computer, laptop, or smartphone to begin the code activation procedure.
  • If you’re already a member of 10 Play, you may sign in using your email address or a social network account (Facebook/Google).
  • Go to the top of the page and click the Sign-Up button if you are not already a member. Once you’ve submitted your information, Network Ten will issue you a verification email with the subject ‘Verify your Account.’
  • If you don’t see the verification email, check your junk or spam folder; some email providers may block these emails.
  • You’ll be transported to the next step after clicking the ‘Verify Account’ link in your email. After hitting the ‘Activate Your TV’ link, sign in.
  • You’ll be led to another page that looks identical when you’ve successfully signed in. You’ll be prompted to enter the code shown on your television. You may use upper-case or lower-case letters in the code since it is case-insensitive.
  • Press activate after you’ve typed in the activation code on your TV.

(Note: If you get an error message that states “The provided code is invalid,” double-check that the code on the TV is the same as what you input. This code will expire in 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, your TV will automatically generate a new code. Hit the back button on your Remote controller and select a member-restricted video once more to generate a new code. Once the activation is complete, you will be alerted.)

In less than 10 seconds, you’ll be logged in and your content will begin playing on your TV. If video isn’t playing on your TV, check to see if you’re still connected to the internet.

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Do You Know?

Alternatively, you can generate a new code by pressing the back button on your TV remote and choosing a member-only video. Please contact the 10 Play network at [email protected] if you continue to have issues.

NOTE: The 10 Play iOS and Android mobile apps do not currently support the activation process. It will be sorted out as soon as possible.

10 Play Live TV captions

Captions in videos are now available on 10 Play Live TV for the web and select Telstra TV models for your convenience.

Captions for Web Users: How to Enable Them

To obtain captions for the web, you’ll need to be watching Live TV on either 10, 10 Bold, or 10 Peach. Once you’ve started live streaming, click the three vertical circles in the bottom right-hand corner of the video. A captions tab will appear after that. This is disabled by default; to activate it, just click the tab and pick English.

How to turn on captions for Telstra TV/Roku users?

Captions for Live TV can be switched on and off using the settings on your Roku device.

  • To begin, hit the home button on your Roku device.
  • On the page, there is an option to choose Settings.
  • To access the captions menu, go to ‘Accessibility’. If Accessibility isn’t an option, choose ‘Captions.’
  • OFF: Captions that are turned off will not be shown
  • On: Captions are available at all times.
  • On Replay: When you press the Replay button on your Roku remote, captions appear (with content that supports instant replay).
  • Mute: Only when the audio is turned down do captions emerge. This function isn’t accessible on all Roku devices, so keep that in mind.

The configuration for captions is kept for future programs when they are activated or removed during playback. Please take note that subtitles are not available for all 10 play programs; however, as additional programs and devices become accessible, they will add captions as well.

Subtitles are available to all Apple TV users: find out how!

You can enable and disable subtitles for Live TV by using the touchpad on your remote and bringing up the information page.

After that, search for the CC symbol and click it to toggle the captions on or off (there is an indication that will tell you if they are ON or OFF).

Accessibility of captions for other users

You can also live Stream TV on 10Play with subtitles on the following devices if you have the latest version of the app:

  • Amazon Fire TV and
  • Android TV

Conclusion: 10play, which broadcasts the greatest programs from Australia and across the globe, may keep you up to a week after your favorite TV series appear on free-to-air stations. You will receive alerts as soon as new episodes of your favorite series become available on 10Play. Many of the most recent international series that appear for the first time on Australian television is also available to view. That was the end of it! We hope you found this guide on how to set up 10Play on your Smart TV at helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the best way to get 10Play to stream on my television?

Open the 10 Play app on your Smart TV and choose the movie you want to watch.
1. After you’ve clicked on the movie, the screen below will appear, with your activation code:
2. Go to on your PC or mobile device.
3. After entering the code that displays on your TV, click on the Activate button.

Is the 10 Play app free to download?

10Play, as well as all of the 10 play applications for different devices, is absolutely free.

Is there a 10Play app available?

The 10Play app is available for Windows 10 computers and tablets. For a big-screen catch-up experience, you can watch 10play on your TV through a number of streaming platforms. The 10Play app is accessible via Apple TV, Telstra TV, and Fetch TV’s respective app stores.

What is the purpose of the 10Play application?

Network Ten’s multi-platform catch-up TV and video gateway, 10 play, features all of the programs from 10, 10 Shake, 10 Bold, and 10 Peach, as well as news and other material.

What’s the best way to get started casting on 10Play?

Use the Google Chrome web browser to access the 10 All Access app on your smartphone or the 10 All Access website on your PC. Locate the “Cast” icon and click or press it. Choose a name for your Google Chromecast. To have a TV program or movie streamed to your television, choose it and hit the play button.


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