Austin City Limits Music Festival- Activate ACL Wristband?

January 11, 2023 Madhuri Patoju Trending

If you’re concerned about entering the ACL music festival or carrying cash or debit/credit cards on the Austin City Limits grounds, the festival has devised a simple method for you and for products using only your wristband. Before you start using the band, make sure it’s registered and activated. This wristband also has contact information in case of an emergency. You may effortlessly activate the ACL Wristband to enjoy your weekend trip at Austin City Limits. In this blog, we will discuss the process to Activate ACL Wristband.

What is Austin City Limits Music Festival?

Austin City Limits (ACL) is one of those festivals that claims a massive roster. ACL is the location where you can witness the famous Guns N’ Roses and The Cure on the same stage as prominent current performers like Childish Gambino and Tame Impala. Add in one of the year’s biggest breakout musicians, Billie Eilish, and you have an explosive blend of music that will keep you going for three days.

Here we go with ACL activate wristband: 

Your ACL Wristband serves as your tour guide for the duration of the festival. To go cashless, activate using your wristband. The ACL Fest app notifies attendees of essential information and emergency updates.

  • Discover and discover a distinct 7-digit item ID on your wristband.
  • Navigate to the ACL Activation page.
  • Then Enter the ID in the given boxes.
Activate ACL Wristband?
  • Check the captcha and click  Let’s get started! button. button.
  • Then, to complete the activation, follow the on-screen prompts.

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Can I share my ACL wristband with others for entering the festival?

Is it possible to share your ACL Wristband with friends and family? No, you cannot trade or share it since it is non-transferable and non-replaceable. If you share it, your entry to the festival is rendered null and useless since the wristband is linked to your name, email, date of birth, and other information. Wear these wristbands before entering the festival as they are coupled with a locking mechanism.

If you are unable to attend the festival but have already purchased a wristband, you may share it with your friends and family. Do not support third-party sales; only share your ACL wristbands with friends and family.

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Wrapping up:

Austin city limits music festivals are the perfect choice for music lovers. Having an ACL wristband is important for smooth performance at the festival right from the entrance to going cashless to the counters. But ACL wristband activation needs to be done before going to the festival. Read our blog to get assistance to Activate the ACL wristband. Hope you understand this blog and do share your feedback in the comments section below. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I get my ACL wristband wet?

Many people have this in their mind that if the ACL wristbands are waterproof. The answer is yes. You may shower with them, swim in the pool, sweat, do the dishes, and do anything else that involves water, and your wristband will be good.

Where can I purchase ACL wristbands?

Wristbands purchased via Front Gate Tickets are the only ones that are valid. You will be denied access if you obtained the ticket from an unlawful source and/or if it is counterfeit. Wristbands MUST be firmly fastened to the wrist and cannot be slid on and off. The wristbands cannot be transferred or exchanged. 

Is it permissible to bring alcohol to the ACL?

ACL provides festival meals, drinks, and desserts from Austin’s top eateries — but keep in mind that outside food and beverages, including alcohol, as well as glass containers and coolers, are not permitted. Reusable metal or plastic water bottles must be empty.

Is it okay if I cut my ACL wristband?

They will get you a replacement at Will Call (also known as Ground Zero). The wristband replacement costs $10. To receive your replacement wristband, please bring your ID and the bracelet you cut off with you.

Do you need to activate your ACL wristband?

Wristband activation guarantees a seamless entry procedure each day and allows you to store emergency contact information on your wristband. To activate, just input your wristband ID number (found on the inside of your wristband) and contact information.

What if I lose my ACL wristband?

According to ACL’s ticket and wristband policy, damaged, missing, or stolen wristbands can be replaced for a $25 cost. Only the original purchasers’ wristbands can be replaced.


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