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In most Call of Duty games, including Modern Warfare 2, double XP is an excellent method to level up the multiplayer ranks. You may obtain Double weapon XP Tokens to help you level up your firearms quicker, as well as normal Double XP Tokens to assist you in ranking up your player account, which will grant you additional guns, perks, killstreaks, field enhancements, and more! So, if you want complete customizing and access to some of the finest rewards, you should rank up as quickly as possible. To assist you in climbing the ranks and leveling up your weaponry, we’ve covered how to activate Double XP mw2 (Modern Warfare 2) below, as well as other related information.

Get Double XP in Modern Warfare 2

Double XP Tokens are consumables and that may be used to get Double XP in Modern Warfare 2 for each objective, kill, and match completed. Playing each mode appropriately, such as focusing on the objective rather than your own KD ratio, can win you more player XP in the long run, and having Double XP activated while playing successfully will result in your ranking rising faster.

Double Weapon XP Tokens are another consumable item that grants you x2 XP for the weapons you’re using, allowing you to unlock unique attachments and additional weaponry.

Both of these Double XP Tokens are only active for a limited period, generally 30 minutes or an hour, and use actual time rather than game time. So prepare to play as much as you can when a Token is active to get the most out of it!

How to activate Double XP mw2? 

In this section, you will know how to activate double XP mw2 or double weapon XP in Call of Duty: World at War. This is extremely simple. 

  • To do so, navigate to a game mode.
  • Then, to the right of the start button, you will find the left thumbstick option click on it.
  • There you may see all the collected tokens. 
  • Now click on the respective token that you want to activate 
  • Finally, click on the activate button to activate Double XP mw2
  • When you activate the token, a timer begins to clock down.

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Do I have any limit to activate Double XP mw2 tokens? 

No, you can use as many 2XP and Weapon 2XP tokens as you like if you earn the tokens through gameplay or battle pass. However, once you activate the token, you cannot deactivate it. To optimize your 2XP earning potential, we recommend activating 2XP and Weapon 2XP tokens only when you’re certain your gaming session will run for at least as long as the 2XP or Weapon 2XP token’s duration.

If the Tokens obtain through partnerships, Each 2XP token (2XP or Weapon 2XP) may be used for a maximum of 40 hours per account across all promotions. Each 2XP token (2XP or Weapon 2XP) may use in-game for a maximum of one hour per day. 

Please keep in mind that activating additional 2XP or Weapon 2XP tokens extends the time you may earn 2XP and Weapon 2XP. It is not a multiplier for 2XP or Weapon 2XP. 

The process to Use of MW2 Double XP Tokens

In order to use the Double XP Tokens in MW2, you must first enter the multiplayer lobby. When you enter the lobby, you will notice an XP Tokens button. It’s located adjacent to the loadout button. You may activate your XP Tokens by using the XP Tokens button. It has to note that once an XP Token is activated, it will remain active in real-time for the length of its lifespan. So, even if you pause or exit the game, the XP Token will remain active for that period of time. As a result, in order to get the most out of it, you need to figure out how long you will spend playing the game ahead of time.

Double XP Tokens timer issues

Previously, when you activate Double XP tokens, you could see the XP Token Timer. However, in MW2, this is no longer the case. There is no apparent timer after activating the XP Tokens. So, what is the reason for this? We don’t know, to be honest. It is a simple oversight that will be corrected soon. Or it might be done on purpose. In any event, if you activate an XP or Weapons Token, it will take effect instantly in the game, even if you can’t see the timeframe.

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So guys that are all there about how to activate Double XP mw2. Hopefully, you understood this article and will be able to activate double XP in Modern Warfare 2 after reading this article. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below and if you like this article consider exploring our site to learn about activation processes. Thank you for reading our blog. 

Frequently asked questions

What are Double XP events in MW2?

2XP or Double XP Events are timed events in which you can earn double the amount of weapons and rank XP. This can sometimes even double the XP received from other sources. These activities are generally held on weekends.

Does Double XP have an effect on the Battle Pass?

Double XP appears to have no effect on battle pass progression. Some of these advantages are earned by activating the battle pass, therefore there is no advantage for players who have purchased the premium track of the battle pass system.

Can I check how much time I have till a 2XP or Weapon 2XP token expires?

Yes. When you activate a 2XP or Weapon 2XP token, the timer in the Multiplayer pregame lobby starts ticking down and you can earn 2XP in Multiplayer.

Why is the 2XP timer running down even though I’m not in a match?

Whether you’re in a match or not, 2XP and Weapon 2XP Tokens count down in real-time, including in the pregame lobby, when you’re modifying your loadout, and even after you depart the game. 


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