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December 5, 2022 Anjali Latwal How To

Do you want to set up Fetch TV on your device in just a few steps? We’ve got it all figured out for you! Simply go to and input the code from your Smart TV screen to activate Fetch TV on your streaming device. To activate the additional boxes, go to and add them to your profile. The activation procedure for fetch TV is extremely simple and fast, so let us know about the service first and leave the activation worry to us.

Let’s get started with the Fetch TV activation process:

How to activate Fetch TV Activation Page?

Follow the steps below to activate Fetch TV:

  • Simply go to to activate your first box.
  • By visiting and adding three boxes to your account, you can activate them.
  • Make sure the Fetch Mini is on a flat surface.

(Note: It would be best if you avoided putting it on anything that vibrates or generates heat.)

  • Allow for a 5-cm ventilation allowance around Fetch Mini.
  • The Fetch Mini can be controlled from up to 6 meters away using the remote control.
  • Disconnect the Fetch Mini from the source of power before cleaning. It would be best if you just cleaned with a dry towel, rather than using any liquids or chemicals.

(Note: You will void the warranty if you try to open the Fetch Mini.)

  • Use it only with a 100V-240V 50Hz AC source and only utilize the power source that is indicated.
  • Always keep alcohol, children, and pets away from the Fetch Mini.
  • To report any problems with your Fetch Mini, go to

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How to activate Fetch TV on your device?

Follow the steps below to activate Fetch TV on your device:

  • Go over to in your internet browser.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose the “Start” option.
  • Fill up your account information.
  • Select a bundle.
  • Fill out the payment information.
  • Double-check your details.
  • In the box, type the Fetch ID/Activation code.
  • Obtain the activation code for Fetch

(Note: When you purchase Fetch through Optus, you will receive activation codes via text and email. They are also available in the My Optus app and the Fetch box.)

How Do You Get Fetch TV, What You’ll Need, And How Do You Set It Up?

Fetch is offered by a number of leading Internet Service Providers as a supplement to existing broadband plans or as part of any bandwidth bundle. Anyone can purchase a Fetch box from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Domayne, Bing Lee, The Good Guys, or Joyce Mayne and connect it to any internet provider. You will get the box for self-installation.


You’ll need:

  • a TV,
  • a free-to-air antenna,
  • bandwidth, and
  • a Fetch box with a subscription.

Both the Mini and Mighty boxes connect to your modem through Wi-Fi; however, if your Wi-Fi is shaky, you may need PLA devices, which you can get from your Fetch service provider.


  • Connect the TV antenna: You can get free-to-air digital TV channels by connecting your conventional TV antenna to the Fetch box and then to the TV.
  • Connect the box to the internet: Then connect your Fetch box to the modem with the included ethernet cable. If they are not in the same room, you can connect over Wi-Fi.
  • Connect your box to your TV: There are several options for connecting your box to your TV, but HDMI is the most popular.
  • Everything is in working condition: Now, you’re all set to go. Relax and enjoy yourself!

What to do if you can’t locate your Fetch ID or Activation Code?

Set up your Fetch box if you haven’t previously discovered your Activation Code or Fetch ID:

  • Go to to get your Activation Code (also known as your Fetch ID).
  • To get your activation code, go to and add your second or third box to your profile.
  • From the ‘Account Settings’ menu, choose ‘Add & Remove Fetch Box.’
  • You’ll see the Activation Code on your screen, and you’ll also get it by SMS or email.
  • If you forget your Activation Code, go to and sign in using the email address and password you provided when you joined up.
  • Select ‘Add & Remove Fetch Box’ from the ‘Account Settings’ section to see the activation code for each box on your account.
  • To find the Activation Code, go to Menu >> Manage >> Settings >> User Preferences >> Activation Code or Settings >> Device Info >> Options once you’ve setup your Fetch box.
  • Finally, you must input your PIN before seeing your Activation Code.

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How to activate Fetch TV on my Optus App?

With these steps, you can activate Fetch TV on my Optus app:

  • Log in to your Optus account with My Optus.
  • In the top left corner, click the button Pick a Fetch service.
  • To pick it, choose the Fetch action card.

(Note: If you have many Fetch set-top boxes, please use the dropdown option to choose the set-top information you desire to view.)

  • Your Fetch serial number, activation code, and channel packs will all be available on the screen.
  • Then, on your Fetch box, choose Menu using your Fetch remote.
  • From the Customize dropdown box, choose Settings.
  • You can find Activation Code / Fetch ID – Show Code by going to Device Info, then Options.
  • Enter your parental PIN if it is necessary.

Your Fetch TV is now ready for use.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Is there any difference between Foxtel and Fetch TV?

For the most part, Foxtel has been in the region for a longer period of time and has identified and acquired the content that matters most to the typical Australian. Yes, I’m referring to sports, which are our unavoidable national fixation. Foxtel offers more sports than a cricket bat can handle. Over 50 different sports from around the world are covered live and exclusively on the service’s 12 dedicated channels.

Fetch TV, which provides a rather basic experience right out of the box, is on the other side of the argument. Only 30 free (pre-selected) movies that cycle in and out each month via Movie Box are available if you’re not willing to spend some extra cash. The majority of Fetch services include Movie Box, or if you purchase your Fetch box from a retailer, you can add it for $1.99 per month.

Do you need a set top box to watch Fetch TV?

Yes, You’ll need a Fetch set-top box to access Fetch content. Fetch will not function without it, regardless of whether you get it as part of your Internet package or individually from a participating retailer. The box is available in two sizes: the Mini, which is compact and light for those who only want to stream through Fetch, and the Mighty, which is bigger and more feature-rich for those who want to utilise all of Fetch’s capabilities.


So, here is how you can easily activate Fetch TV on your streaming devices by going to We hope you enjoyed this article!


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