How to activate the indigo credit card and how can you create an online account

January 26, 2023 Deepali Bhatia Banking

In this article, I will show you how you can activate your Indigo Mastercard and also show you its key highlights that may help you towards making an approach to the card. 

Indigo Credit Card: A great option for those with a bad credit history

The Indigo Mastercard or the Indigo Credit Card is made for applicants with bad credit—expressed by Experian, one of the three credit bureaus, as having a credit score between 300 and 579—who want to establish or repair their credit history (the card’s transactions are reported to those agencies). It’s also for those who want not to (or are unable to) pay the security deposit needed for a secured card, the go-to option for persons with bad or no credit who wish to build their credit.

In comparison to some rival card issuers, Indigo has a $300 fixed credit limit with no disclosed procedure for raising it. Due to its low credit limit, the Indigo Platinum Mastercard is more suited to those looking to establish credit than to those who intend to make purchases.

Some important key advantages of an Indigo Credit Card

  • With the Indigo Card, you can check your pre-qualification status to see if you’re qualified without actually applying, which would result in a hard credit inquiry that might temporarily lower your credit score. Just remember that prequalification does not guarantee approval.
  • The Indigo Mastercard is designed for those with poor credit and, like all other credit cards, sends monthly credit report updates to the three major credit bureaus. Therefore, timely bill payments and refraining from using all of your credit limits will help you raise your credit score.
  • The Indigo Mastercard will levy an annual fee of $0, $59, or $75 the first year and $99 thereafter, depending on your creditworthiness. Given the wide range, it makes sense if you’d like a credit card with more stable fees. Furthermore, if you don’t require an emergency loan, a secured card is unquestionably the best option.
  • The $300 credit card limit for Indigo. Thus, depending on the annual fee, your initial outlay could be as little as $201. And that can make it difficult to pay unexpected bills.
  • With the Indigo Credit Card, balances carried from month to month will accrue interest at an annual rate that may be higher than the market average for secured credit cards and credit cards overall.

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How can you activate your Indigo Credit Card?

Now, there are two ways via which you can activate your Indigo Credit Card, that is via phone and via online. Remember that in either of ways once you have activated your card, you can use it immediately without any issues.

Activating Indigo Credit Card via phone

In order to activate your Indigo Credit card via phone you will have to call on the number (800) 353-5920. The customer service will pick up the phone and you will have to do things as directed by them and within minutes your credit card shall be activated. 

Activating Indigo Credit Card via Online

  • Head to the official indigo page for activating your Indigo Credit Card.
  • The “Register Your Account” link is located beneath the login button.
  • Include your contact details, including your card number, birthdate, email address, and Social Security number.
  • Simply select “Register Now.”
  • When logged in, activate your card by following the directions in the “Activate Card” menu.

How can you create your online Indigo account?

You must create an internet account first. You will receive access as a result, enabling you to activate your credit card. As a result, you must do the following actions:

  • Check out
  • Navigate to the “Register” button and touch it.
  • the account number you entered.
  • Put your birthdate here.
  • your social security number into the box
  • To finish creating your account, tap the “Next” button and adhere to the remaining on-screen directions.

How to pay your Indigo Credit Card bill online once it is activated

The most practical way to pay your Indigo Credit Card statement is online. Yes! You have the choice of communicating via phone. To do this, call the Indigo Customer Care number listed on the card’s back and follow the on-screen instructions. The option of sending anything through the mail is the final one. You are able to mail a check or money order.

For the Indigo MasterCard, you must pay a $25 monthly fee. That is the same as one percent of your overall account amount. As a result, the payment standard is as follows. Use a check or money order to send payments; a bank account to make payments over the phone or online.

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The Indigo Credit card is intended for applicants with bad credit, which Experian, one of the three credit bureaus, defines as wanting to establish or repair their credit history and having a credit score between 300 and 579 (the card’s transactions are shared with those agencies). It’s also for those who want not to (or are unable to) pay the security deposit needed for a secured card, the go-to option for persons with bad or no credit who wish to build their credit. When it comes to activating your Indigo Card make sure you follow the steps for online activation carefully and also make sure that you have dialed the right number when it comes to the phone activation of your card.


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