Southwest Inflight Wi-Fi : How to Use the inflight WiFi on a Southwest flight

October 26, 2022 Ritik Rawat How To

Southwest Airlines is one of the best airlines in the United States of America for domestic flights. It is also a commendable airline for international travel. Since its inception as Air Southwest Co. in 1967, this company has provided air travel to over a hundred destinations worldwide. A fantastic feature of this airline is the free access to a wide range of services via Wi-Fi. However, an internet connection will cost money. You might have a concern about Do all Southwest flights have wifi? Let’s know everything regarding Southwest Inflight Wi-Fi in the following sections.

How to connect to Southwest Inflight Wi-Fi through

Before we begin with the steps for Southwest Inflight Wi-Fi it is important to note that different devices will have different formats but the below points are the essentials that you will have to follow regardless

  • You are first required to go to your settings and turn on airplane mode
  • Then turn your Wi-Fi on
  • Now, from your network list, select SouthWestWiFi.
  • After this, a new page will pop up with a link containing or it may also come with an option to copy the URL.
  • In most cases your Inflight Entertainment Portal would load automatically, however, in case it doesn’t load, type into your browser’s address bar
  • You can now select from a list of entertainment features.

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Required Devices for Connecting to Southwest Wi-Fi

Check that you have a compatible device before boarding your flight. Most of us probably keep at least one of these on hand at all times!

  • Macs and laptops
  • Windows 7 or higher is required, as is OSX 10.9 or higher.
  • Browser requirements: Internet Explorer 10 or higher; Firefox 47 or higher; Google Chrome 51 or higher; Safari 9 or higher.
  • iOS mobile devices and tablets
  • Browser: iOS 9.0 or later is required.
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • Android 5.0 and higher is required.

Plug in: Airtime app is available for free from the Google Play Store.

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What all are there as part of inflight entertainment in Southwest Airlines?

Who would have guessed that there would come a time when we would be latching on to the internet and therefore entertainment in flights also? But Southwest Airlines have made the far-fetched dream a graspable reality with its Southwest Inflight Wi-Fi free features, live TV, on-demand TV movies, and music. In case all of these things don’t cater to your taste buds, then you can also track down the distance there is left for you to cover and let me tell you this has been the favorite activity of many newcomers on the flight.

How much does connecting to Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi cost?

Southwest Airlines offer their internet services at the cost of 8 dollars in the format of per day per device. At this amount, you would be able to get access to the web browser, check emails, or log in to your social media accounts and many other stuff.

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Is availing entertainment on flights of Southwest Airlines free?

Yes, some of the entertainment features on the Southwest flights are free of cost. However, for the premium content, you may have to pay some cost.

The free entertainment thus offered is akin to the content of other on-demand video streaming services. It includes:

  • Bravo
  • CNBC
  • CBS2
  • Fox5
  • Fox News
  • NFL Network
  • HGTV
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • NBC 4
  • FX
  • Discovery
  • USA
  • Disney
  • CNN

The Best Way to Get Free Wi-Fi on a Southwest Flight: 

Wi-Fi is fantastic…but it’s even better when it’s free, right? Fortunately, Southwest provides much of its in-flight entertainment for free. Check out the guide mentioned above to activate Southwest Inflight Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Entertainment for Free

On Southwest flights, much of the Wi-Fi enabled in-flight entertainment is already free. You will have free access to on-demand and live TV, as well as iHeartRadio music stations. To use Wi-Fi for web browsing, you must pay $8 per day per device. However A-List members can get free wifi.

Achieve A-List Preferred Status: 

If you are an A-List Preferred member, you can use Southwest Wi-Fi without having to pay the $8 per day fee. You must fly 50 qualifying one-way flights or earn 70,000 tier qualifying points in a calendar year to achieve A-List Preferred status.

Tier qualifying points are earned when you buy a revenue flight or use the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card, Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card, or Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card. The personal and business versions of these cards both earn tier qualifying points.

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Southwest Inflight Entertainment Info

While we have told you that there do exist entertainment features in Southwest flights. But lets discuss what actually are they and how to use them?


What’s entertainment when you can’t watch movies? Southwest realizes it more than anything and allows you to stream them at any time during your flight without any cost.

Furthermore, you don’t have to finish your movies in a haphazard manner in the fear of a flight change because you can watch them on multiple flights throughout the same day.


Therapeutic music is all you need to put yourself to sleep. The music offered by Southwest.FM and iHeart Radio will serve the purpose right. However, these features are a new release. So, it may take some time before it spreads to other aircraft as well.

Messaging feature

While messaging serves as a token for you getting in touch with your closed ones, owing to no internet connectivity in some airlines may render you helpless. However, with Southwest Inflight Wi-Fi that would cost you around 8$ as stated above, you will be provided with the messaging feature.

If you find only messaging as a necessary partner of your travel then you can avail of their 2$ per day per device messaging package where you will get access to apps such as Viber, iMessage, and Whatsapp. But, don’t forget to download them before you get on your flight.

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Final Words

Southwest does a lot of things right, such as providing free checked bags and not charging fees for flight changes. They also provide plenty of free in-flight entertainment, such as live TV, on-demand TV, and music. If you prefer full internet access, you can buy a day pass for $8, though loyal Southwest customers who achieve A-List Preferred status have this fee waived.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Wi-Fi cost on a Southwest Airlines flight?

To access the internet, you can purchase an internet package for $8 per day per device. Message capabilities can be purchased for $2 per day per device. Renting a movie costs $5 per day, per device. Southwest also provides free live and on-demand TV, as well as music, via their in-flight entertainment portal.

How do I get free Wi-Fi on a Southwest flight?

On any Wi-Fi-enabled Southwest flight, anyone can access free live and on-demand TV as well as music. If you are an A-List Preferred member, the $8 fee for full internet access is waived.

Do all southwest flights have wifi?

Mostly all the southwest flights have wifi. However,Within 24 hours of your flight’s departure time, you can check if your plane has Wi-Fi by visiting After entering your confirmation number and passenger name, you should be able to access your flight details. You could also look at your reservation confirmation.

On a Southwest flight, how do I watch a movie?

Before your flight, download the Southwest® app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to enjoy free movies on your mobile device or tablet. To stay connected in the sky, use the Inflight Entertainment Portal. The service solely provides access to iMessage and WhatsApp (must be downloaded before the flight).


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